Marist Advertising Club

College Chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF)

Associated college member of The ONE Club for Art and Copy of New York City

The Marist Advertising Club is a social club for Advertising Concentration students. The purpose of the club is to give students an opportunity to get more deeply involved in the advertising profession while socializing with other Advertising Concentration students. The club's activities include: hosting guest speakers from all disciplines of the advertising profession and graduate schools with advanced degrees in advertising; creating advertising for not- for- profit organizations and on-campus organizations; entering competitions, including the AAF College Competition- the Super Bowl for ad students; hosting portfolio nights where the Senior ad students help out and encourage the underclassmen; conducting trips to New York City; arranging visits with Marist alumni currently working in the business; hosting screening nights for watching the thing we love best - the ads!; and conducting social events and fund raisers. The AAF also allows Marist Club members to be nominated for induction into the National Advertising Honorary Society, Alpha Delta Sigma (ADS) and to submit application for AAF sponsored fellowships and internships.