Name: Subir Sengupta
Title: Associate Professor, Advertising
Director, Graduate Program, School of Communication & the Arts
Office Location: Lowell Thomas 222
Extension: (845) 575-3000 ext. 2678
Degrees Held: Ph.D. in Mass Communication, University of Georgia
M.A. in Journalism, University of Georgia
B.A. in Economics (Honors) and Mathematics, Jadavpur University

Bio: Dr. Sengupta joined the faculty at Marist in 1998. He has also taught at Pennsylvania State University. Dr. Sengupta teaches Principles of Advertising, Advertising Media Planning, Research Methods, and Intercultural Communication.

Publications: RECENT

Sengupta, S. (2000), "In the Eyes of the Beholder: The Relevance of Skin Tone and Facial Features of African American Female Models to Advertising Effectiveness," Communication Research Reports, 17, 2, 210-220.

Martin, D.G. and S. Sengupta, (1998) "Turning the 'Domino Theory' Upside Down in Asia: Advertising and Singapore's Cultural Evolution," Asian Journal of Communication, 8, 2, 148-167.

Sengupta, S. and K.T. Frith, (1997), "Multinational Corporation Advertising and Cultural Imperialism: A Content Analysis of Indian Television Commercials," Asian Journal of Communication, 7(1), 1-18.

Sengupta, S. and K. Pashupati (1996), "Advertising in India: The Winds of Change," in Advertising in Asia: Communication, Culture and Consumption, Katherine T. Frith, ed., pp. 155-188. Ames, Iowa: Iowa State University Press.

Sengupta, S. (1996), "Understanding Consumption Related Values from Advertisements: A Content Analysis of Television Commercials from India and the United States," Gazette: The International Journal of Mass Communication Studies, 57(2), 81-96.

Sengupta, S. (1996), "Understanding Less Educated Smokers' Intention to Quit Smoking: Strategies for Antismoking Communications Aimed at Less Educated Smokers," Health Communication, 8(1), 55-72.

Sengupta, S. (1995), "The Influence of Culture on Portrayals of Women in Television Commercials: A Comparison Between the United States and Japan," International Journal of Advertising, 14(4), 314-333.

Sengupta, S. (1995), "Sustaining the Decline in Smoking Prevalence: An Examination of the Attitudinal Difference between Lighter and Heavier Smokers," European Advances in Consumer Research, 2, 337-342.
Research Interests: International advertising, intercultural communication, and health communication.
Conferences & Workshops: RECENT

Sengupta, S. (2002), "Prescription Drug Advertising: The Effectiveness of Pitching Directly to Consumers." at the 2002 AEJMC conference in Miami Beach, Florida. Judged "Top Paper" in the Advertising Division.

Sengupta, S. (2001), "The Crossover Appeal: An Experimental Investigation" at the Society for Consumer Psychology Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Sengupta, S. (1999), "Advertising and the Transfer of Cultural Values: A Myth or a Reality," at the International Communication Association's annual conference (San Francisco).

Sengupta, S. (1999), "The Bleaching Syndrome in Advertising: How Effective is It?," at the Annual Advertising and Consumer Psychology Conference (San Antonio).

Sengupta, S. and D.G. Martin (1996), "The Role of Advertising in Singapore's Values Tug-of-War," at the International Advertising Association's 7th Education Conference (Kuala Lumpur and Port Dickson, Malaysia).

Sengupta, S. and D.G. Martin (1996), "The Influence of Chinese Culture on Singaporean Advertising." Paper presented on a panel on Multicultural Advertising: Emic/Etic Issues and Perspectives, at the annual conference of the American Academy of Advertising (Vancouver, Canada).

Sengupta, S. (1995), "Sustaining the Decline in Smoking Prevalence: An Examination of the Attitudinal Difference between Lighter and Heavier Smokers" at the Association for Consumer Research European Conference (Copenhagen, Denmark).

Sengupta, S. (1994), "Portrayals of Women in Television Commercials: A Comparison between the United States and Japan," at the Annual Conference of International Association for Mass Communication Research (Seoul, Korea).

Sengupta, S. (1993), "Smokers' Level of Education and their Beliefs About Quitting Smoking: Suggestions for PSA Development," at the Annual Conference of International Communication Association (Washington D.C.).