Interns are on the job

for Spring 2018

More than 75 Communication & Media Studies majors are interning in New York City and the Hudson Valley area this semester. Here are some of the sites:

New York City                                                                     Hudson Valley

- Late Night with Seth Myers                                           - FDR Library

- YES Network                                                                    -Mid-Hudson Regional Hospital

- Alison Brod Marketing                                                    - United Way

- Al Roker Entertainment                                                  - Healthquest

-  MSNBC/Morning Joe Show                                          - Townsquare Media

- Coburn Communication                                                 - Marist Athletics

- Universal Music Group                                                    - Hudson Valley News Network

- Fox Newschannel                                                              - Marist Center for Sports Communication.

- Brooklyn Nets                                                                     - Valley Table magazine

- Coyne Public Relations                                                    - Panda TV

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Planning for that Summer internship?

We'll be holding internship workshops in February.

The workshops will help students update their resumes, prepare for interviews and conduct internship site searches.

Workshops are scheduled for:

Wednesday, Feb. 14 and Feb. 28.

Time and location to be announced soon!

Learn How to Get that Internship!

A series of tutorial videos will give you the edge in learning how to be competitive and get that internship.

Building Your Search List

Drafting Your Resume

Crafting Your Cover Letter