In.tern.ship (noun)

A period of advanced study, usually in a professional setting.


The definition that you just read is actually one of many definitions of the term "internship." For our purposes, we'll use the term "internship" to refer to a credit-supported period of work in a professional setting. This means that the internship is organized around a 3-way partnership consisting of the Student, the Employer/Sponsor and the College. All three parties must be in agreement as to the terms of the internship duties, responsibilities and hourly work schedule.

The Marist College Communication & Media Studies Internship Program awards credit for professionally supervised field work experiences that are approved by the Internship Director. Credits are available on a sliding scale. Credits can be earned during Fall, Spring or Summer semesters. (Sorry, no credit internships available for Winter Intercession.)

To learn more about how internships work, read "Understanding Internships."