Students Testimonials

Learn more about specific career options and what students got out of their internship experiences. Want to read what Marist students say about their internships? See below.

Robert - Access Hollywood

If anything my internship at Access Hollywood has cemented my love for all things entertainment even more. I got to see how everything is essentially put together in a form people can enjoy. I observed how the most hectic and chaotic of shoots could be edited into a great piece for television. Overall, my time at Access was simply wonderful. They even asked me back for the summer! After my semester of interning I think I am better prepared to do this as I now know what it takes to be successful in entertainment. It’s all about making connections and relating to people, my bosses taught me that. Access Hollywood showed me that talented people can pretty much get everything they’re meant to in this world if they just have access to it, no pun intended.

Allison - HGTV Magazine

I honestly couldn’t ask for a better, more welcoming and hospitable staff than the one at HGTV Magazine. Some editors were stiff while many were stern yet always approachable and eager to help. Since we are a brand new magazine, I was able to get a very intensive, up close and personal experience with the staff in ways interns almost never get to do. Every Tuesday morning the staff holds a production meeting to go over schedules for shoots, interviews, and story deadlines. All of the interns were included in these meetings, and would even get a copy of the schedule to make notes on if need be. I personally felt very accepted in this way and like I was a part of their team.

Jennifer - Entertainment Tonight

The most valuable skill I learned at this internship was how to word questions. I never really knew the art of it before, I always just thought you asked whatever you want. But to be a trusted interviewer, you need to know how to word a question to make the interviewee feel comfortable.

Melanie - Hearst Digital Media

One of the main things I learned from my internship is how much planning and work goes into producing a magazine, even a digital one… advertising is the most important source of revenue for a publication, so magazine companies need to think of creative ways to keep advertisers interested. Social media and the internet are effective ways to do so.

Kaitlyn - CBS Sports

I learned a lot during the past three months here at CBS. I feel like I have acquired better people skills, and realized that I can work very well with all different forms of personalities. I also have a better understanding of marketing strategies … My researching skills have definitely improved. I now know how to sift through a lot of information in order to find the information I am particularly looking for at the moment.

Heather, The Howard Stern Show

"My internship experience was amazing and one of the best experiences that I have ever done. This was an amazing opportunity and I enjoyed every minute of it."

Bryan - Office of Speaker, New York City Council

As for the big picture, I believe this internship gave me exactly what I wanted to get out of it. I have worked and interned in many different capacities as a journalist, reporter, and producer.

 Carolyn - NBC News

While interning with Dateline NBC and Rock Center with Brian Williams, I was pleasantly surprised with the work environment. For a feature segment, I sat with the producer and assistant producer during the audition and got to give my input on the call back and final selection, which I loved because I was originally going to college to become an actress.