2014 Silver Needle Runway Show and Awards Press Kit - page 4

The Marist College Fashion Program educates 400
students in Fashion Design and Merchandising. An
intensive curriculum with minors in business and
product development is paired with a study of classic
liberal arts. An exceptional internship program,
partnering with leading fashion companies, and
nationally ranked study abroad programs are hallmarks
of the Marist College Fashion experience.
The four-year curriculum begins with an orientation to
the entire fashion industry, forming an
understanding of the big picture from initial concept
and design through manufacturing to marketing of the
finished product. Students may also enhance their
classroom experience through the Marist International
Programs (MIP) by spending a semester in Paris,
London, Florence or Hong Kong.
Throughout the year, preparations are highly
intensive for the program’s annual Silver Needle
Runway, the culmination of each academic year, which
is designed and produced as a collaborative effort
between faculty & students. Senior design and
merchandising students will close out their senior year
by creating a collection of garments and developing a
comprehensive business plan for a fashion company,
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