2014 Silver Needle Runway Show and Awards Press Kit - page 5

This past February the Marist Fashion Program had the opportunity to partner with Mercedes
Benz Fashion Week for the reprise showing of Betsey Johnson’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection.
Marist president, Dennis Murray and Fashion Program Director, Radley Cramer had the
pleasure of honoring Betsey Johnson with the second Silver Needle Icon Award to
acknowledge her remarkable career, endless creativity, and dedication to students. The first
was give to Pauline Trigere, in 2000.
Fashion students were able to get hands on experience in the production and viewing of the
show. A reception hosted by Marist College at Avery Fischer Hall followed the show, where
the Marist Fashion senior design students from 2013 showcased their past collections on live
models. The reception was attended by fashion students from Marist College, FIT and
Parsons, as well as prospective students and alumni. Working with Mercedes Benz Fashion
Week was a huge success and great experience for all those involved. Marist Fashion
Program looks forward to continuing their work with New York Fashion Week.
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