Best Actor

best actor 2016 with banner

Mike Poyntz wins the Best Actor of 2016 award for his portrayal of a lovable geek who finds his soulmate in The Best Thing.  Watch a clip of Mike's performance.


still photo best actor 2015Dan Owen plays a young man with an axe to grind in his award-winning turn in Boy Named Sue


still image Phil LevineThe Silver Fox Award for Best Actor goes to Phil Levine as an abused child who grows up to fight fire with fire in The Arsonist's Affair

 still image best actor 2007Bill O'Connor is a young man running from his fate in Dove Out of Heaven. Watch an exerpt


still image best actor 2006

As a man who stumbles into a police sting,  Michael Kohl picks up a Silver Fox Award for Best Actor.  Watch a clip from the film, Great White.