Best Actress

best actress 2016 with banner

Tara Kinsella takes home the 2016 Silver Fox for Best Actress for her portrayal of an awkward young woman who kisses a lot of toads before finding her Prince Charming in The Best Thing.


 still photo of Kaitlyn Murphy accepting awardKaitlyn Murphy accepts the Best Actress Award of 2015 for her role as a college student struggling to say goodbye to her best friend in Rachel Black's film, The 50-Yard Dash.










still image Lisa Hartmell



 Lisa Hartmell is the wife of an abusive husband and father in The Arsonist's Affair. Watch an excerpt here.






still photo best actress Kate Costello

 In the post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller Dead Weight, Kate Costello thaws the heart of survivalist John Sullivan.  Winner of the Best Actress Award of 2009. Watch a clip of Kate's performance.


still image Cali LaSpina



Cali LaSpina plays a young woman whose love life is not quite ideal in Jessica Mutascio's film, Outspoken. Click the image at right to watch an excerpt.