Best Commercial/Public Service Announcement

Keep it short and sweet!  Producers of commercials and public service announcements have very little time to send their message and tell their story.  Yet these Marist students managed to accomplish that, and won a Silver Fox Award!  Click below to watch winning  commercials and PSAs.

best commercial winner 2016 with graphic

 Eury Fabian accepts the 2016 Silver Fox Award for Best Commercial/PSA.  Watch his winning program, Marist Fashion Presents


 A public service announcement warning young peoplestill photo from best PSA 2015

of the dangers of binge drinking wins the 2015 Silver Fox, produced by Alex Treiber and Brittany Jelinski.





freeze frame from 2008 Best Commercial



A sports drink turns an average Joe into a

crime-fighting superhero in James Ort's

Silver Fox-winning commercial.



 Jeff Scott





Jeff Scott produces and stars in this winning commercial for Giacomo's Pizza