Documentary film is where art and reality meet. The best documentaries inform, inspire and entertain. These Marist students took a vision, added lots of hard work, and took home a Silver Fox Award for Best Documentary.

best documentary winners from 2016

2016 Silver Fox winners for Best Documentary, Melissa Parker, Rachel Karach, and Gabrielle Pallaschi.  Watch their film, Hollywood's Future of Femininity.

best documentary winners from 2015 


Kelly Velasco, left, and Chloe Goodnough, right, win the Silver Fox for Best Documentary of 2015.  See their film, Invisible Hope.





Jon O'Sullivan and Ryan Rivard




 Watch a clip from Living the Falcon, 2012's winner for Best Documentary, produced by Jon O'Sullivan (L) and Ryan Rivard (R).




Dylan Wise takes home the Best Documentary

Award for 2009's Flow.Dylan Wise accepting Best Documentary award








 Jessica Mutascio accepts Silver Fox for best Documentary




Jessica Mutascio accepts the Best Documentary award for Girl Scouts.




Best Documentary winner Blue Knights still graphic from blue knights best documentary of 2008

by Peter Ponzio and Nick Orsini.