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Fall 2012
Freshman fashion major
wins Adrianna Papell
design contest
Marist in
During the Fall 2012 semester nine
fashion students are taking advantage
of the Marist in Manhattan pro-
gram. In addition to taking online
courses, each student involved in the
program has a full-time internship
for the entire semester. Objectives of
the Marist in Manhattan program
include gaining a sense of career op-
tions in the fashion industry, net-
working with industry contacts, and
developing a resume that has punch.
The nine students this fall are
interning at the following compa-
nies: Donna Karan (Design), BCBG
(Merchandising), Alice & Olivia
(Design), Furla (Merchandising),
Kleinfeld Bridal (Design), Suzi Chin
(Design), Morrissey NYC (Design),
Beth Bowley (Design), and Carrie
Parry (Design).
Natalie Palter (right) and a model wearing the
gown that crowned her a winner.
Natalie Palter, ‘15, a fashion design
major from San Mateo, Calif., is the recent
winner of the Adrianna Papell E! Live
From the Red Carpet Design Contest. Her
motivations and experiences through this
contest exemplify a hard-working and
passionate student finally getting recog-
nized. “I never win contests, so it made
this that much more exciting!” said Palter.
Palter found out about the Adrianna
Papell E! Live From the Red Carpet Design
Contest through posters on campus. “To
be honest, I kind of thought about it for
a while, and then forgot about it,” said
Palter’s mom has worn two Adrianna
Papell dresses to weddings because she
loves the way they fit her. “Her collection
is made for all body types, which is so im-
portant because then you have a bigger
client base,” said Palter. “You need women
to feel good in what you’re making.”
On the day of the contest deadline,
Palter’s friend reminded her that if she
wanted to send a design in, she had to do
it by midnight.
“I drew up something really quick, col-
ored it, and sent it in,” said Palter. “I didn’t
really think twice about it because I never
win these kinds of things.”
About 700 individuals sent in their own
design, hoping to win.
“You scan your design to a website that
is linked with Facebook,” said Palter. “A
week after all the submissions were
reviewed, they were put up and everyone
could start voting on their favorite.”
Voting for the top 25 lasted two weeks.
Once Palter found out she made it that
far, she was ecstatic but was trying not to
have high expectations. Once the top 25
designs were chosen from Facebook vot-
ers, Adrianna Papell’s design team looked
and reviewed them, and chose the top
five designs.
“I was so nervous because I hadn’t heard
from anybody and I thought that I should
have already gotten the call if I made it
into the top 5,” Palter said. “Then I was
sitting in philosophy class and I got the
phone call. I left class and answered the
phone and was so happy.”
The top 5 designs were made into
dresses and showed on an E! segment.
“I was with my friends screaming when I
saw it as an actual dress,” Palter said.
The week of final voting was in February.
“The day I found out I was the winner
was a very ordinary day,” said Palter. “I
didn’t have class all day so I got breakfast
and went back to my room for a nap. At 4
p.m. I woke up to the phone call.”
Palter is excited to see where this experi-
ence will take her. “My name is now in the
industry. I can’t wait to see what my fu-
ture holds in the fashion world,” she said.
The gown Palter designed for the contest
was sold in Lord & Taylor stores summer
photo by Victor Van Carpels