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Fall 2012
New BA in Media Studies and
Production to be added in fall 2013
The first BA degree in the Media
Arts department will be offered at
Marist beginning in the fall of 2013.
Through the study of similar programs
at comparable institutions, as well as
consultation with the Communication
Advisory Board and the Admissions
office, media arts faculty have pro-
posed and are prepared to implement
a 48-credit BA in Media Studies and
Production. The major will offer two
concentrations in Film & Television and
Interactive Media & Game Design, re-
placing the current BA Communication
concentrations in Radio/TV/Film and
Interactive Media/Game Studies re-
spectively. Two new 15-credit minors in
Digital Video Production and Interactive
Media, as well as a revised Cinema
Studies minor will also be offered.
This new major aims to emphasize
a mix of media theory and hands-on
experience to provide students interested
in a Media Arts career with a deeper
grasp on media theory and analysis as
well as production skills than the Radio/
TV/Film and Interactive Media/Game
Studies concentrations provide. The new
Media Studies and Production major
offers students a chance to begin taking
courses in their area of interest earlier
on in their college career to allow for a
deeper understanding and development
of skills. While this BA gives the Media
Arts department a separate identity
from Communication, it has been de-
signed to maintain close connections
with the Communication department;
students will be encouraged to enroll in
Communication electives to complete
their Media Studies and Production
The renovation of the Lowell Thomas
Communication Center includes ad-
ditional lab space necessary to support
both the Communication and Media
Studies programs. Additional renova-
tions to the Lowell Thomas television
studio to be completed in summer
2012 will also help facilitate the Media
Studies and Production curriculum.
Media Arts faculty anticipates an enroll-
ment of 40-50 students per year in the
BA in Media Studies and Production.
Paula Willoquet-Maricondi, professor
and chair of the Marist College Media
Arts Department gave the keynote
speech this year at the 10th Annual
Classical and Modern Languages,
Literatures & Cultures Graduate
Student Conference held on April 7 at
Wayne State University in Michigan.
Her presentation was titled, “Media
Technology, Eco-cinema, and the
Sustainability Movement.”
Assistant Professor of Media Arts
Josh Robbin’s script, “I’m not Down”
was accepted at the prestigious Film
Independent’s Screenwriting Lab, held
in September and October 2012 in Los
Angeles, Calif. The intensive five-week
program is intended to develop the
careers of filmmakers and to take their
projects to the next level of viability.
Every year, Film Independent, the
non-profit entity that produces the
Independent Spirit Awards and the
Los Angeles Film Festival, accepts ten
projects for development out of more
than five hundred qualified submis-
sions. Writers of accepted projects
become Film Independent Lab Fellows
and receive year-round support from
Film Independent. Fellows also re-
ceive passes to the Los Angeles Film
Festival and become eligible to join
the Independent Caucus of the Writer’s
Guild of America. During the program,
Fellows receive feedback and advice on
their projects and their careers in group
and one-on-one sessions with estab-
lished screenwriters and filmmakers.