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Fall 2012
The biggest music department project that occurred this past academic
year was the organization, management and hosting of the 34th Annual
Association of Concert Bands Convention on April 24-29. Band and Singers
members, especially the Kappa Kappa Psi fraternity brothers and Tau Beta
Sigma sorority sisters, worked to accommodate 140 conventioneers and 600
other guest band members. Visiting participants attended lectures, clinics,
workshops and free concert hours.
“It was the biggest undertaking the music department has ever gone
through,” said Mike Napolitano, music department office manager. “We
walked into this, kind of, like, scared—‘how are we going to get through this?’”
But the music department got through it with flying colors, thanks to the
band fraternity and sorority. In fact, this year was the first time that students
organized and ran the conference.
Napolitano said that the event appeared seamless to the convention guests
and that they felt very welcomed. Next year’s location, in San Ramon, Calif.,
has already asked for input and advice for the 35th convention.
The new TBS president, Dory Misitano ’13, commented that the now-grad-
uated leaders of TBS used every extra minute of their time to prepare in the
weeks leading up to the event. Napolitano said that the students being well-
versed in time management was an important factor in this. He added that
the responsibility the students faced helped them develop other life skills that
they will need in the future.
Marist hosts band convention
Music department
to see new space
on campus
After several years of wishing and
planning, the music department will
be seeing blueprints this February for
the new music wing which will be
added to the existing Student Center.
The new music wing will face the
Marian Quad, behind the theater, and
the existing music department will
be repurposed for student activities.
Although operations manager Mike
Napolitano and director of music Art
Himmelberger have only seen pre-
liminary drawings, they do know that
the new facility will house the Band,
Singers, and all small ensembles.
“[There will be] definitely some multi-
purpose recital rooms that can double
as large rehearsal space,” Napolitano
said. “So, the band will no longer have
to rehearse in the cafeteria, and the
choir can rehearse in an actual facility
that doesn’t need to split them up.”
photos courtesy of Michelle Harrup, ‘12