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Fall 2012
Lepre named director of Marist
Honors Program
r. Lyn Lepre,
associate pro-
fessor of com-
munication, has
just completed her first year
as the director of Marist’s
honors program.
In her role as honors direc-
tor, Lepre chairs the honors
council, works on curricular
revisions, and programmatic
issues within the program, as
well as advises the more than
220 students enrolled.
“One of the best parts of
this position is getting to
know students I woudn’t
otherwise have had in class,”
Lepre said. “On any given
day, I might chat with a
biomed student, a fashion
student and a history student.
I’m getting a whole new look
at the student body.”
After serving on the
faculty wide honors council,
Lepre applied for the director
position when the former
director Tracey McGrail, an
associate professor in math-
ematics, finished her term.
“I thought it sounded like
an interesting challenge,”
Lepre said.
Though she notes that there
has been a learning curve
with the new position, she
said that her new role is one
she greatly enjoys.
“The biggest difficulty is
just trying to figure out how
to get out of my own way,”
Lepre said. “I’m figuring out
how to best compartmental-
ize the different parts of my
job: teaching, administrating
honors, and continuing my
One of Lepre’s first tasks
as honors director was to
attend the annual National
Collegiate Honors Council
conference in October 2011,
which was held in Phoenix.
At the conference, directors
and students from different
colleges come together to dis-
cuss different issues related to
honors education.
“I learned so much while at
this conference,” Lepre said.
“I came home just bursting
with ideas for our program.”
Lepre attended the event
with Lauren Hall, ’12, who is
the student representative on
Marist’s honors council. At
the event, Hall participated
in a poetry master class.
“Dr. Lepre’s dedication to
gathering multiple perspec-
tives on how to better the
honors program, and the
sincerity with which she
communivates and responds
to each perosn’s perspective,
inspries me,” Hall said.
Currently, Lepre and the
honors council are working
on revising the curriculum
for the honors program.
“It’s fun for me to get to
know this whole different set
of students who have differ-
ent backgrounds, career in-
terests and goals,” Lepre said.
“I am excited to work with
them over the next few years
and build a strong honors
photo by Ainsley Lepre
Lepre teaches
courses in journal-
ism, including
editing, reporting
and magazine
journalism. Her
research focuses
on diversity and
media, specifically,
the representation
of women and
women’s issues.