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Fall 2012
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In a third, freshmen students
sat sketching on pads, dreaming of
what they’ ll be presenting on the
runway three years from now.
Both Kramer and Cramer agreed
that while students keep up with
explosive changes in technology
better than they do, this adds a new
dimension to their role as teach-
ers and mentors—keeping them
focused while helping them move
Said Cramer: “It all starts with
the sketch.’’
Media Arts
Department –
Josh Robbins
Lights. Camera. Action. A cliché,
maybe, but it’s also Josh Robbins’ mantra as he leads about a
dozen students in the Marist pre-college Summer Institute in
Digital Movie Making.
After an intense two weeks, the students walk away with
lots more than a Marist t-shirt and good memories of new
friends made near the Hudson River.
They’ve participated in every aspect in the making of a
movie—learning about the myriad of tasks and jobs that go on
behind the scenes, said Robbins.
That’s critical to making it in an industry where everybody
wants to be a screenwriter, but very few succeed in that role.
“It’s beyond competitive,’’ Robbins said.
Besides screenwriting, the class handles storyboarding,
lighting, sound productions, cinematography, directing actors
and non-linear digital editing.
“They’re getting a chance to do something good, and we’re
letting them explore their own creativity,’’ he said.
While a graduate student at the University of Southern
California, Robbins won the Jack Nicholson Award for best
screenplay for “Summer Solstice’’ about a hippie summer camp
in Vermont that was down on its luck.
In the summer of 2011, his Institute students made “Jack of
Hearts’’—a short comedy about a young man trying to do the
right thing. Students did all the work from acting to directing
to scriptwriting—two even produced an original musical theme
that’s played throughout the movie.
The summer program gives students a feel for what it’s like
to really be in the movie business—not merely taking a produc-
tion class during a regular school year or semester. The students
had an additional treat when film director A. Sayeeda Clark,
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