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Fall 2012
Editorial Director
Dr. Lyn Lepre
Copy Editor
Kevin Lerner
School of Communication
& the Arts
128 Lowell Thomas
Marist College
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
A Note from the Dean
Inspired by accomplishment
here once was
a smiling
pig in my office—at least a
picture of one. The smiling
pig has now moved on to
greener pastures, but it remains a vivid
reminder of the importance we place on
student accomplishment in the School
of Communication & the Arts. Let me
Among the many takeaways from this
issue of
is the extent to which
our students excel in and out of the
classroom. Among the signature events
that feature student accomplishments
are the Silver Needle Fashion Show
and Awards, the Silver Fox Awards, the
Steel Works Student Art Exhibition,
and the Music Winter Festival Concerts.
Beyond these events we can find our
students achieving in annual competi-
tions, such as the Lake Placid Film
Festival. Each spring under the guid-
ance of Jeff Bass, a team of four media
arts students competes in the “Sleepless
in Lake Placid” 24-hour filmmaking
contest, which is part of the annual
Lake Placid Film Forum. Similarly,
each April Dr. Keith Strudler, direc-
tor of the Marist College Center for
Sports Communication, sends a team of
four Marist College sports communica-
tion students to the undergraduate case
study competition held by the College
Sports Research Institute (CSRI) at the
University of North Carolina at Chapel
Not only do our students excel outside
the classroom, they do equally well in
class projects. Not long ago students in
Jennie Donohue’s Public Relations Case
Studies class was selected to participate
in Ketchum’s Mindfire program, an
open innovation crowd sourcing site for
All of this leads me back to the pig in
my office. Collaborating with faculty in
the Art and Art History department, I
created the Dean’s Choice Award. Each
year as part of the spring Steel Works
student exhibition I select a student
work that is exhibited in my office for
the following year. The student receives
a modest stipend and is asked to donate
the work to our collection (someday we
hope to show the collected work along
with new works from the graduated
students). Two years ago I selected a
wonderful picture of a pig (one of Jim
Luciana’s talented students’ work) for
the Dean’s Choice Award. The pic-
ture became affectionately known as
the “smiling pig.” Visitors to my office
would often and sometime with alarm
comment on how the pig’s eyes would
follow them around the office! Replaced
now by a new Dean’s Choice Award
piece, the smiling pig found a new
purpose. Each year I award the smiling
pig to a deserving department chair or
program director. Recipients proudly
display the smiling pig in their office.
The annual event has become yet another
way our student accomplishments inspire
everything that we do.
In this issue of
you will find
panoply of stories about the important
work that goes on in the School of
Communication & the Arts. Among
the stories is a piece that outlines in-
novative teaching among our faculty, the
on-going LT renovations, articles about
our new faculty, and more.
The smiling pig lives on.
photos by Sabrina Clark, ‘12