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Fall 2012
multiple disciplines.
Returning students may have been happily surprised by the
scope of the improvement, but renovations have been in the
plans for years. Former assistant dean Missy Alexander began
the plans to renovate Lowell Thomas more than two years ago.
In planning the renovation, Alexander asked for input from
teachers across all areas of communication and media arts.
What transpired from her plans were spaces that would be
unique to students in every major of the school. Focal to those
plans was an emphasis on technology.
Ralston asserted that renovations have been tailored to tech-
nology needs of all concentrations and student clubs within the
communication and media arts disciplines.
“Through these renovations we are providing students with
the newest technology in multiple disciplines,” Ralston said.
“Updated classrooms and technology are important characteris-
tics in the education our students receive at Marist.”
Ralston added that almost every concentration has undergone
a curriculum change in recent years. In addition, the school is
preparing to add an entirely new degree—­media studies and
production—in fall 2013. The tools and technologies that are
being installed now will aid in all of these changes and addi-
tions to the curriculum in years ahead.
“Curriculum changes will all match extremely well with our
new resources,” Ralston said.
Flynn agrees that especially for communications students,
technology often dictates the material students are expected to
know in the real world.
“It is great that Marist is updating Lowell Thomas so that
communications students will develop a better understanding
of the tools and resources that are actually being used in the
field today,” Flynn said.
She said one of the reasons she came to Marist was because
she heard that the school is known for its communications pro-
gram. She said the fact that Marist is determined to continually
update their resources and facilities is a sure sign that her de-
gree will be seen as modern and advanced after she graduates.
In the second phase of renovations, scheduled for summer of
2013, the upper level and dean’s suite will be updated. These
renovations include an update to the Media Center Studio,
which will include touch monitors and updated equipment.
For now, students and faculty are enjoying the new facility.
“I am so glad that I will be able to take advantage of the
renovations in my next few years at Marist,” Flynn said. As a
sophomore, Flynn will be able to see both phases of the renova-
tions, which will be completed by fall 2013.
Ralston agrees that students are going to benefit immensely
from everything that is being done in Lowell Thomas, both
with the building itself and what the faculty are doing with it.
“We are installing just the right technology at just the right
time,” Ralston said. “It’s a really good time to be part of all of
our changes.”
The renovated Communication internship office is centrally located on
the main floor, and students can easily stop by for advice.
The Digital Toolbox Lab offers students the latest in technology in an
innovative workspace, ideal for collaborative group work.