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Fall 2012
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Alyssa Bronander (2011)
is an Assistant Manager
for Social Media for Toys
“R” Us Inc.
Daniel Caracciolo (2011)
is a Business Banking
Specialist with HSBC
Bank USA. He is also cur-
rently writing for www. on the comic
book industry.
Madelana Escudero (2011)
is a Community Manager
at VaynerMedia.
Shannon Farrell (2011)
an Editorial Assistant at
Daily Makeover.
Emily Longhi (2011)
works with the Audience
Department for the
Rachael Ray Show.
Christopher Steber
recently contrib-
uted a video montage
to the temporary ex-
hibit at the Franklin D.
Roosevelt Presidential
Library & Museum,
“The Roosevelts: Public
Figures, Private Lives,”
which is the only exhibit
open to the public while
the main portions of
the museum are under
renovation. The exhibit
is open through June 30,
2013. The video montage
is of rarely-seen photo-
graphs taken during the
early lives of Franklin
and Eleanor Roosevelt.
The montage is displayed
in the first room of the
exhibit. In addition,
shortly after the opening
of the exhibit, he started
a new full-time position
as Product Marketing
Specialist with The
Blue Book Building &
Construction Network in
Jefferson Valley, NY.
Emily Berger (2012)
a Researcher for the
Rachael Ray Show.
Lisa Glover (2012)
the Group Assistant to
Conversation, an ad-
agency located in mid-
town Manhattan. She
assists the Corporate
Communication and
Brand Development
Kellie Hayden (2012)
is a
Communication Associate
for BIC, in Shelton, CT.
Robert Hoey (2012)
is the
Director of Basketball
Operations for Marist
College Men’s Basketball.
Dana Karas (2012)
is an
Account Executive with
True North Brand Group
in Hingham, MA.
Lina Kirby (2012)
is a
Marketing Associate for
Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.
Meaghan Neary (2012)
the Manager of Special
Events for the American
Cancer Society.
Marina Patterson (2012)
is an Assistant Account
Executive with Maury
Rogoff PR & Marketing,
in New York, NY.
Andrew Paulsen (2012)
is a Corps Member in
the Teach for America
Kaitlyn Sammon (2012)
is a NE Client Solutions
Coordinator for ION
Media Network.
Philip Terrigno (2012)
is a Sports Reporer for
The Journal News in
Westchester County, NY.
Brittany Tommasone
is a Media Desk
Production Assistant for
FOX News in New York,
Ashley Wells-Wood
is the Coordinating
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