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Fall 2012
IMC master’s program launches
Innovative online program offers opportunities for students to merge
study of advertising, marketing and public relations
eginning with the fall 2012 semester,
School of Adult and Graduate Enrollment will be
offering a Master’s program in Integrated Marketing
Communication (IMC).
The program—offered in
two formats, either one year
full time or two years part
time—is taken entirely online
through Marist’s internet
learning portal called iLearn.
Currently, the School
of Graduate and Adult
Enrollment offers 12 master
programs and one certificate
program. Three of these
programs, the M.A. in
Communication, M.A. in
IMC and the MBA are all
offered in the 100 percent
online format.
“Our M.A in Communication was our first online program,”
said Steven Ralston, dean of the School of Communication &
the Arts. “It has been successful enough for us to feel confident
in offering a different type of program completely online.”
The IMC program offers a broad range of class topics, fusing
together MBA and communication courses into one program of
study. (see box for a full list of class offerings).
Subir Sengupta, director of Graduate Programs for the School
of Communication, said “Marketing, PR and advertising have
all changed. Due to technology, there is now a synergy between
them that makes IMC up.”
This distinctive mix of communication and business classes
has created a group effort between the School of communica-
tion & the Arts and the School of Management.
“The collaboration between schools is what really makes this
program unique,” said Mallory Maggiacomo, assistant director
of admission for graduate and adult enrollment. “The program
is entirely brand new so it is really as current and up-to-date as
it can be…It’s really a great program for those who are looking
to advance themselves and move up into a specialized place.”
Ralston also agrees that the program is for people who are
looking to move into a specific field. “The Communication
M.A. is a much more open program… a lot of those students
go on to get their Ph.D.’s, whereas the IMC has a much more
specific focus on a particular professional field,” Ralston
said. “They are both very different.”
This specialized focus is also what Sengupta believes
pushes the program toward those who are looking to
advance within their
careers. “The program is
not really about learn-
ing tools; people in the
program should already
have those,” Sengupta
said. “It is more focused
on providing learning
Maggiacomo, Sengupta
and Ralston all agree that
IMC is rapidly growing
field in today’s profes-
sional world. A search
on—a job
search and career com-
munity website—shows over 14,000 jobs posted worldwide
in relation to integrated marketing communication. Job
postings on the site include well-known companies such as
Hearst Magazines, Viacom, TimeWarner Inc. and MTV
The Marist IMC program is different from other IMC
programs for three main reasons, according to Sengupta.
“Our program is 30 credits (10 classes), and so if you are
full-time you are able to get your masters in just a year,” he
said. “Also, other programs don’t have collaboration be-
tween the two schools like we do. We also have the plus of
being so close to New York City. We are able to do things
like have webinars or speakers with current professionals in
the industry.”
In order for students to be successful in the program
students need a solid understanding of statistics and good
writing skills, Sengupta said. “The program is not easy.
[Students] need to be well prepared and ready to work.”
Initial enrollment numbers are encouraging. According to
Sengupta, a goal of 21 enrolled students for the fall 2012
semester was set. Actual enrollment? 41.
More information on the application process or the IMC
program can be found at:
IMC Course List:
• Principles of Integrated Marketing Communication
• Advertising Management
• Public Relations Management
• Social Media Strategies & Tactics
• Marketing Research
• Marketing Foundations
• Brand Management
• Analytical Tools for Decision Making
• Global Consumer Insights
• Integrated Marketing Communication Capstone
Graduate Programs