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Fall 2012
Art & Art History
Donise English, chair of the Department
of Art and Art History, participated in an
exhibition at Gallery 61 at the New York
Institute of Technology in Manhattan,
titled “Inspired Colleagues.” As part of
the prestigious exhibition of work by
teachers and their students, English
was charged with the task of selecting a
Marist graduate whose work would also
be included. Chosen to take part was
Emily Wist, ‘10, and Art and Art History’s
2010 Baccalaureate. Both English and
Wist have a number of works in paint-
ing, sculpture and artists’ books in the
exhibition. The exhibition ran from Sept.
6 through Oct. 4.
Professor and
alumna in NYC
Avril/Symington and Aithan Shapira
The Art Department showcased two
exhibits in the spring semester: Avril/
Symington and Aithan Shapira.
Avril/ Symington, an exhibit show-
casing two artists - Pamela Avril and
Christy Symington – ran from Feb. 1 un-
til March 3. “I saw each of their works
separately and I just thought that they
would work beautifully together,” said
Ed Smith, art professor and Steel Plant
Gallery director. “They are two artists
who have concerns with the world and
both speak to that in their work.”
Symington, a London-based art-
ist said, “My wider commentary is on
mass depletion of many of our natural
resources without enough regard to
them running out. Our greed gorg-
ing on what nature offers us driven by
inordinate financial gain. The tiger [the
inspiration for her work] continues to
be an abused luxury commodity and
is now right on the brink of extinction.
I question that if we allow ourselves to
extinguish the tiger, will it symbolize
our actions for the future of our other
natural resources.”
Smith and Symington both agree that
the two artists melded well together,
making the exhibit a success. “I felt my
varied approach in format was stabi-
lized by Pam’s more consistent format
whilst blending a similar conscious-
ness,” said Symington.
A second exhibit was featured from
March 22 through April 20 with Aithan
Shapira— a first generation American.
Shapira boasts an impressive resume,
which includes receiving both the
Daler-Rowney Drawing Prize and the
Blanche E. Colman Painting Award. To
top it off, Shapira was also the first in
his family to attend college and holds
a Ph.D. in Visual Arts from the Sydney
College of Arts in Australia.
“I have seen him grow through his
work over the years,” said Smith. “He
works in an amazing way. Not many
people can say they have a Ph.D. in
Visual Arts…it really speaks to how he
understands art.
“The goal of having these exhibits
come [to Marist] is to teach our stu-
dents, and I think we definitely suc-
ceeded with that this semester. It really
is something that benefits everyone.”
Painting by Ethan Kolwaite, ‘14; “Organic Mechanics”
From left: Pamela
Avril, Preserver; Christy
Symington, Tiger Rug;
Aithan Shapira.