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Fall 2012
On April 28, 2012, 43 talented
students were inducted into
Marist’s chapter of Lambda Pi Eta.
Lambda Pi Eta is the official honor
society of Communication Studies
of the National Communications
Lambda Pi Eta
inducts 43
Advertising students compete nationally
Since 1996, Marist, as a student
Ad Club chapter of the American
Advertising Federation, has entered a
team into the AAF National Student
Advertising Competition. This year the
team included: Kristin Conte, Larissa
Gojdycz, Cassandra Izzo, Jacqueline
King, Nicholas Piotti, Christopher
Raia, Jahmani Sanders, Melissa Stivale,
Kathryn Tomaino and Sean Kulper, all
class of ‘12. The presenters were: Larissa
Gojdycz, Christopher Raia, Jahmani
Sanders, Erin McCarthy, Kathryn
Tomaino and Jacqueline King. They
created a campaign entitled “NISSAN.
Driven By The Beat.”
Marist is a member of District #2,
which includes advertising programs in
colleges and universities from the mid-
atlantic and New England states. Every
year a real client, with a real marketing
problem, is the focus of the competition.
In the past the clients have included:
COKE, Pizza Hut, Hallmark, Toyota,
Yahoo, AOL, State Farm and Bank of
America to name a few.
At Marist, the student work on the
marketing communication problem set
forth by the client and the AAF is ac-
complished sequentially in two classes,
Capping and Advertising Seminar. After
extensive research and critical analysis,
students prepare a 32-page booklet de-
tailing their strategic communication so-
lution to the client’s marketing problem.
This booklet is professionally printed and
entered as part one of the competition. It
is judged by five volunteers, professionals
recruited by the AAF from the advertis-
ing and public relations industry. A few
weeks later, the students do an oral pre-
sentation or based on their written work.
This competition experience is very much
like a real new business pitch.
Although the Marist team did an out-
standing job, Syracuse University was
this year’s AAF NSAF winner.
Photo courtesy of Marcia Christ