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Fall 2009
mer’s fashion students said they planned to apply to
Marist. Many of these students hail from far outside
Marist’s traditional recruiting base, including students
from California, New Mexico, Florida, and even Israel and
Belgium. Fashion department professional lecturer Peter
Brickman, who directs the summer fashion program, is
pleased by the diversity of his summer student body.
“It was a very diverse and interesting group,” Brickman
said. “Each region contributed a unique taste and style to
the institute.”
Students who attend Marist’s pre-college program have
a variety of reasons to head up to the Poughkeepsie cam-
pus. For many, it’s the first exposure to a field of interest,
the equivalent of a test drive before applying to college.
Strudler considers that when creating his summer curricu-
“For a lot of these students, this might be the first
chance to write and tape a sports broadcast or put togeth-
er a promotion to sell out a football game,” said Strudler.
“My goal is to make sure these summer students know
more about the field as they start thinking about college
programs, and cost of programs can be found at
and beyond.”
Since all summer institutes are created as an actual
college course, students earn three college credits upon
completion of the course, giving them another leg up
when they eventually head off to college, either at Marist
or elsewhere.
Given the success of these two summer institutes, the
School of Communication and the Arts is considering
other areas that might appeal to bright young students
and highlight the school’s diverse strengths. One promis-
ing idea comes from the media arts department, who are
developing a film “boot camp” for aspiring movie makers.
For fashion and sports communication, both programs
look to grow their already popular programs in the up-
coming years. Numbers aside, Brickman sees his goal as
program director as ironically simple.
“We try to give our summer students an overview of our
entire four year program.”
As it turns out, that was exactly the summer experience
that Courtney Cantara wanted, studying and all.