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Fall 2009
he 2009 faculty art
bition “Self Portraits” pro-
vided Art and Art History
professors with the oppor-
tunity to showcase their
own work. The exhibit opened at the Steel
Plant Studios with a reception on Sept. 24
and stayed on display to the Marist com-
munity and the public until Oct. 17 at the
Steel Plant Studios on campus.
Participating faculty took on a photog-
raphy assignment with guidelines similar
to those the professors challenge their
own students with. Gallery Director Ed
Smith coordinated the photo show and
asked each faculty member to compose a
black-and-white digital self-portrait, to be
displayed on a 42”x 35” large scale. He
also asked for submission of another small
black-and-white work to compliment the
larger piece.
The portraits could be literal or inter-
pretive but had to be a reflection of the
artist. Smith said his goal for the exhibi-
tion was for the community to see the art-
ists as the artists see themselves.
The exhibition “let students know the
faculty has a serious outlook on their
work,” professor James Luciana said at
the opening. Luciana chose a more literal
approach to his piece, which is an unal-
tered photograph of himself reading in his
“It becomes clear to students they aren’t
just listening to someone talk in a class-
room,” Luciana said. “They are teaching
out of experience and what they know
how to do.”
Students, in turn, enjoyed the opportu-
nity to see pieces by their professors.
“It was great to see how their personal
work is translated into how they teach,”
said Erica Wegeler, a senior majoring in
art history.
Many art students felt the exhibition was
an insight into the personalities of the pro-
fessors they see in class. For certain, these
professors practice what they preach.
Sophomore RJ Hall summed the feel-
ing up well: “If they are this critical with
their own artwork, I can see why they’re
so hard on us.”
Professor Lois Walsh’s self portrait.
Professor Dan McCormick poses in front of his interpretiv
The self portrait installation on display in the Steel Plant.