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Fall 2009
Comm capping project transforms
classroom to newsroom
Students launch news website “My575”
nce you’ve spent more than a few days
on the
Marist Campus, the numbers “575” -- the phone
exchange for campus -- become so integral in
your daily mechanics they might become part
of your DNA.
Such ubiquity was the genesis of the name “My575,” the mon-
iker for the Web-based reporting project started by Professor Lyn
Lepre and her capping students.
“We spent a lot of time debating the name, and the class felt
this was both catchy and summed up the focus of this project,”
said Lepre.
My575 is part news source, part class project, and part news
aggregate to eventually be shared with other journalism pro-
grams across the country. For now, the Web site allows journal-
ism students to publish and edit their work for a larger audience
than might be allowed in a traditional class setting.
The mechanics are quite simple. As students complete their
work in Lepre’s Journalism II class, articles, photos and videos
are posted on the My575 Web site. Before they can actually be
viewed by the public, work goes through an editing process that
forces the class to operate like a newsroom, reviewing and taking
accountability for each other’s work.
Megan Flood, a junior in the journalism class, appreciates the
opportunity to write for an external public.
“It makes me get more excited about assignments because I
know they are potentially going to be read by a larger audience
than my professor,” Flood noted.
While My575 reinforces the basics of journalism, it also gets
students thinking about producing content for a web-based read-
ership, which all students recognize as the future of their profes-
Professor Lyn Lepre’s Spring 2009 Capping students hosted a launch party for My575 onMay 5. Food was donated by local restaurants, and the Capping
students handed out pens and t-shirts to Marist students who stopped to see the site go live. The party was the fnal event in the semester long project.