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Fall 2009
sion. Instead of simply reporting and writing a story, students
are responsible for story packages and need to think about what
mulitmedia elements to use to best tell the story.
“I absolutely feel that the experience of maintaining and report-
ing for an online news site will be valuable in the future,” said
junior Thomas Lotito. “So even if we’re not ‘webmasters,’ we have
adequate experience to apply for the internships that will yield
more experience.”
Lepre said she hopes My575 will grow into a valuable source
of information for people in the Marist community, ranging from
students and alumni to faculty and staff on campus. Lepre asserts
that little can prepare an aspiring journalist better than writing for
an actual audience.
“This web site makes students consider the audience when they
write, which can be a whole lot different than just writing for a
professor or for a grade,” said Lepre.
Moving forward, Lepre hopes to forge stronger ties with other
colleges and universities using this same platform.
“It is vital for Marist students to engage with a larger commu-
nity of learners than just those they see everyday in class,” said
Keith Strudler, the communication department’s chair. “In the
world they will be entering, co-workers might be spread across the
world. Engaging across traditional boundaries is an increasingly
important skill.”
As it relates to journalism, a field changing almost as rapidly
as the 24-hour news cycle itself, Lepre said
will be a practical application for students to learn how digital
and online stories differ from print stories. “Stories used to be
static 500-word articles, but there’s an integrated media approach
to online journalism. Link-sourcing, video and audio clips are
mandatory elements, and it’s a different way of thinking about
the news.”
Junior Marina Cella agrees: “I think it is important to learn
about Internet publishing and how it relates to journalism, be-
cause technology has changed the face of the industry. What now
makes many publications successful is their ability to be converted
to Internet text and read online.”
Lepre said she believes the most important thing is preparing
students to be nimble in the face of ever-changing technologies.
“Flexibility is key,” she said. “I would never be so presumptuous
as to predict what journalism will look like 10 years from now,
but what’s important is that students understand how technology
is changing the field.”
When Lepre speaks to her former students, she said that what
has served them best is embracing new technology.
“I try to encourage students to realize that curiosity and flex-
ibility will help them succeed.”
The news site can be found at
Top left:
The front page for My575.
Bottom left:
Students Michelle Conston, Bryan Terry, Megan Flood and Olivia Hunter, all enrolled in Journalism II,
post their stories to the news site each Friday.
Student Thomas Lotito, another Journalism II student, makes updates to the site’s front page.
photos by Lyn Lepre