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Fall 2009
Steve Pardon
(1993, Public
Relations) is Owner of New Leaf Invest-
ment Inc., a real estate investment
Amy Rogers
(1993) is a licensed
Marriage and Family Therapist and
Board Certifed Art Therapist and is
a training manager at the Fred Finch
Youth Center. Amy is President-elect
of the Northern California Art Therapy
J.W. Stewart
(1993, Radio/
TV/Film and Journalism) is a Sports
Anchor at ESPN.
Joanne Tanguay Vandal
(1993, Public Relations) is owner of
Picture Perfect USA, a photography
Elizabeth Bellis
(1994, Radio/
TV/Film and Advertising) worked
as an assistant to the Executive Vice
President and President of the New
Jersey Nets for eight years. Elizabeth
is currently a speech therapist for Lake
Drive Programs.
William Hassan
(1994, Public
Relations) was named one of the
brokers of the year for Normandy Real
Estate Partners. William is currently a
Senior Associate at CB Richard Ellis.
Antonella Licari
(1994, Public
Relations and Advertising) is a Man-
ager of Special Projects with ABCNews.
Caroline Jonah Merenda
(1994, Journalism) is a Program Ofcer
with the Rochester Area Community
Foundation and was named 2008-2009
Afterschool Ambassador by the After-
school Alliance.
Mike Mostransky
(1994, Ra-
dio/TV/Film) is Product & Community
Manager at Broadridge, a fnancial
services company.
Jef Baumgardner
(1995) is
Senior Director of Original Music Pro-
duction & Development at VH1 & VH1
Classic where he is currently producing
That Metal Show on Vh1 Classic.
Thomas Becker
Journalism) is a Crisis Communication
Executive at Sitrick and Company.
Kathleen Boland
(1995, Public
Relations)is Creative Approvals Manager
for Screenvision.
Eric Cavolic
(1995, Advertising) is
Partner and Creative Director at Durham
Group, a strategic marketing agency.
Rex Dickson
(1995, Radio/TV/
Film) is a Designer and Producer at
Electronic Arts and has worked on the
Medal of Honor franchise of games.
Sheri Weidner Fitgerald
(1995) is a Senior Director with MTV
Networks/BET Networks.
Scot Frosch
(1995, Radio/TV/
Film) is television commercial producer
at Rainbow Media/Cablevision Advertis-
Steven Rice
(1995, Radio/TV/
Film) is Vice President of Consumer
Marketing at Ogilvy Public Relations
Scot Signore
(1995, Public
Relations) is Principal, CEO and Founder
of Matter Communications, a public
relations agency.
Justin Seremet
Journalism) is writing and producing
on-air television spots for Supernanny,
Wifeswap, andWipeout.
Debbie Underdown-
(1995, Public Relations)
owns Chesapeake Outerwear, Inc, a
business specializing in screen-printing,
embroidery, and promotional products.
William F. Burns
(1993, Radio/
TV/Film) is the Dean of Arts and Com-
munications at Brookdale Community
College in Lincroft, N.J.
Adeelah Carrim
(1993) is an
Animation Producer at Morula Pictures.
Robert A. Johnson
(1993) is
Director of Product Development at PEQ
Ian O’Connor (’86)
is a nationally acclaimed sportswriter and columnist. He writes
columns for
The Record
and and is the author of
Arnie & Jack: Palmer, Nicklaus, and
Golf ’s Greatest Rivalry
, a New York Times bestseller.
On principles of journalism learned at Marist:
At the core of all journalism - whether it’s a news story, a column, or a radio interview – is reporting
and getting the facts. I learned how to be a reporter at
The Circle,
and I really carried that one principle
through my entire career.
On how the industry has changed since he was at Marist:
It’s the Internet. Athletes are using it more and more to communicate directly with fans. It creates a greater
distance between athletes and journalists and makes our jobs that much more difficult. On the other
hand, the Internet is a great equalizer. If you get picked up on the Internet, it gets linked everywhere and
increases your exposure.
Suggestions for incoming journalism students at
Don’t be discouraged by the diminishing newspaper
business. There will always be a demand for writers,
but it will come in a different forum. Also, read as
much as you can. The surest way to get better as a
writer is to read. Read good writers, bad writers, aver-
age writers.
Things are going to dramatically change again, and
I think the best way to package and sell yourself is
to find a niche or specialty within your coverage and
dedicate yourself to it. Push your head down, work as
hard as you can, and try to break stories as much as
you can. When that happens, people notice.