Page 18 - foxtalk issue 1 winter 2010

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Fall 2009
Greg Bibb
(1996, Radio/TV/
Film) is Chief Operating Ofce of the
Washington Mystics.
Danielle Esposito Brown
(1996, Radio/TV/Film and Public
Relations) is Partner with Double Eagle
Insurance, a property and casualty
insurance brokerage agency.
Rose Caiazzo
(1996, Public Rela-
tions) is the owner of Rose Consulting,
LLC, an agency specializing in market-
ing, communications, web analytics and
voice over.
Patricia Clark
(1996, Radio/TV/
Film) is a Research Associate in human
resources for the City of New Haven.
Greg Hasset
(1996, Orga-
nizational Communication & Public
Relations) is a Regional Sales Director at
DB Technology.
Mike Pappagallo
(1996, Ad-
vertising) is a Senior Production Man-
ager at e-Dialog, Inc. and the recipient
of the Copywriting Nedma Award.
Kevin C. Sullivan
(1996, TV/
Radio/Film) is a Production Coordina-
tor for ESPN’s multimedia platforms,
including TV, Radio andWeb. Kevin is
also a published copywriter for ESPN
The Mag, Sporting News and USA Today
Sports Weekly.
Alaina Evangelista Wiehn
(1996, Public Relations & Journalism)
is the University Registrar at Worcester
Polytechnic Institute.
Maureen McMahon
Journalism and Radio/TV/Film) is
Senior Counsel in the Ofce of Legisla-
tive Services for the New Jersey State
Jason O’Leary
(1997, Radio/TV/
Film) is Senior Producer at Troika Deign
Ashley Shaffer (’08)
graduated from Marist with a dual concentration in Radio, TV,
Film and Journalism with a minor in Music. In June, she won the Miss New Jersey 2009 pageant and
qualified for the Miss America pageant, which takes takes place in January 2010.
What made you want to get involved with the beauty pageantry?
I’ve always followed the historic Miss America pageant. Since I was able to talk and walk I have wanted to
be on the Miss America stage representing New Jersey. The women represented achievement, scholarship,
and volunteerism for me. It was also a great way to earn a scholarship to pay for my education.
What was your path to becoming Miss New Jersey?
Four years ago, I entered the Miss America system to follow my dream, and in my first preliminary,
Miss Monmouth County 2006, I won. I had gained a significant amount of weight, however, and faced
many self-esteem and weight issues. Since then I lost 40 lbs, through proper diet and exercise, and finally
achieved my goal of becoming Miss New Jersey. This is why I now champion for fighting obesity and liv-
ing healthy lifestyles, particularly in Children and Adolescents, in my platform entitled “A Healthy Weight
to Feel Great.”
Did being a student at Marist College contribute
to your contention in the Miss New Jersey contest?
How so?
I definitely credit the education I received from Marist
to helping me achieve my title. My professors taught
me not only how to be an effective communicator,
but also how to handle myself in the workplace and
market myself in a positive light. These are skills that
are so vital to the interview portion of the competition,
because I only have 10 minutes to explain what makes
me the candidate for the ob of Miss New Jersey.
What are your job responsibilities as Miss New
I will be traveling throughout the state making ap-
pearances promoting the Miss New Jersey Education
Foundation and Miss America, as well as promot-
ing my platform, and the National Platform for Miss
America, the Children’s Miracle Network. It’s going
to be a very busy, but exciting year that I hope opens
many doors for me.
Group and has won multiple industry
awards for a variety of production
projects, including a 2008 BDA Gold
Jessica Outer
(1997, Radio/TV/
Film and Public Relations) is a Senior
Consultant at IBM Corporation and the
founder, owner, and president of Outer
Consulting, LLC, an event and fundrais-
ing strategies agency for non-proft
Daryl Richard
(1997, Journal-
ism) is Vice President of Public Relations
for UnitedHealthcare.
Eric Conte
(1998, Radio/TV/Film)
is Vice President of MTV 360. He has
been with MTV Networks since intern-
ing while at Marist.
Jennifer Harmer
(1998, Radio/
TV/Film is an Operations Analyst at
Marist College.
Steven Lawrence
(1998, TV/
Radio/Film) is Coordinating Producer
of LA Ink, where he’s created a reality
show called Try My Life that ran for two
seasons on the Style Network.
Dean Mastrangelo
(1998) is
an Operations Analyst at Marist College.
Kenneth Menard
Radio/TV/Film) is a producer at ESPN
and works on Monday Night Football.
He produces events for NCAA, NBA, and
MLB. Kenneth is a two-time Emmy
nominee for Outstanding Live Series.
Kimberly Svoboda Biegel
(1999, Public Relations) works in the
Scottish Government as a communica-
tions manager.
Dylan Edgar
(1999, TV/Radio/
Film) is a Senior Producer at City Lights
Television and has been nominated for
an Emmy four times.