Page 2 - foxtalk issue 1 winter 2010

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Fall 2009
Geoff Decker ‘05
Dr. Lyn Lepre
Dr.Keith Strudler
Victoria Banks ‘09
Sabrina Clark ‘11
School of Communication
& the Arts
213 Lowell Thomas
Marist College
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
A Note from the Dean
Welcome to our inaugural issue
t’s amazing how time flies.
It seems
like only yesterday when I arrived
on campus as the new dean of the
School of Communication and the
Arts, excited by all the outstanding work
of our students and faculty. Now, over a
year later, I’m even more impressed.
Those of you who know Marist know
what makes our school special. We have
students producing amazing work, per-
forming insightful research and interning at
some of the most competitive places in the
country. Our professors engage students
in their classes. They’re leaders in their
field, publishing in prestigious journals
and showing creative work internation-
ally. The things that make Marist great
today are those same things many of you
remember from your time on campus.
It is an exciting time for all fields in our
School. There are new technologies to
learn, convergence of disciplines and ideas,
and opportunities to connect in ways we
never thought possible. For us, that means
evolving curricula, upgraded facilities, and
a host of changes that help our students
best prepare for life in the digital age. Life
at Marist’s School of Communication and
the Arts today is exciting, challenging, fun,
stimulating – more so than ever before.
This our school’s first ever magazine.
You’ll get a chance to see some of the ini-
tiatives that are going on with our diverse
group of students and faculty. I’m sure
you’ll be as impressed as I am. From the
renowned fashion show to the research by
our graduate students, the stories inside re-
mind me of why I came to Marist.
Inside, you’ll also have a chance to catch
up with Marist graduates in our alumni
notes. I hope this inspires many more of
you to send in updates. This might be a
magazine, but I think of it more as the
start of an important dialogue between all
of us who care about our school and our
I’ve had a chance to meet lots of you al-
ready. I hope to see many more as you re-
connect with Marist and our school, either
virtually, or better yet, on your next visit
to campus. You’ll probably be amazed at
how much we’ve changed, and how much
we’ve really stayed the same.
photos by Sabrina Clark