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Fall 2009
Drew Budd
(2007, Journal-
ism) is a sports reporter for The Press
Michael DiGaimo
Sports Communication & Journalism) is
a teaching fellow in the NYC Teaching
Katy Fuoco
(2007, Advertising) is
an Assistant Producer for the advertis-
ing agency DDB NY.
Kristin Gallagher
Advertising) is a Marketing Strategist at
Barnes & Noble College.
Dorothea (Dory) Larrabee
(2007, Journalism) is an editorial as-
sistant at Popstar! Magazine.
Brian K. Loew
(2007, Radio/
TV/Film and Public Relations) is an
Assistant Director of Undergraduate
Admission at Marist College.
Paul Stavish
(2007, Radio/TV/
Film) is Production Client Coordina-
tor for Ubiqus Reporting, a Meeting
Services company.
Andrea A. Tarshus
Radio/TV/Film) is a student at Albany
Law School and an intern at the Albany
County District Attorney Ofce.
Jonathan Viamari
Radio/TV/Film) is Associate Engineer
at XOS Technologies, a leader in sports
Mat Walsh
(2007, Journalism) is
pursuing a Graduate degree and second
Bachelor’s degree at Molloy College
where he is the head coach of the Track
& Field team.
Wendy Baron
(2008, Radio/
TV/Film) is an Operations Technician
at ESPN.
for PAN Communications.
Ashley K. Woerner
(2005) is
a Senior Meeting Specialist for Scientifc
Voice, a business unit of Publicis Health
Care Communications Group and serves
as the Marist Alumni Chicago Chapter
Brian Brydon
(2006, Advertis-
ing) is a Senior Media Planner at Media
edge: cia Interaction.
Julia Graham
(2006, Public Rela-
tions) is an Account Executive at Text
100, a public relations agency.
Megan Hernandez
Advertising) is a Marketing Specialist at
Shanan R. Litchfeld
Advertising) is pursuing her Ph.D. in
Business Management at Mississippi
State and has published work at several
Cassi Matos
(2006, Advertis-
ing & Journalism) attends Fordham
Law School where she is an editor for
the Intellectual Property Media and
Entertainment Law Journal.
Jessica Napolitano
Public Relations) is an Associate Account
Executive at Ketchum, a leading PR
Mike Strong
(2006, Journalism)
is Faculty Events Coordinator at the Uni-
versity of Texas at Austin School of Law.
Bryan Van Steenbergen
(2006, Public Relations) is the Public
Relations Manager for the National
Kidney Foundation.
Brad Zocchi
(2006, TV/Radio/
Film) works on the show“Man Caves”
for the DIY Network as an associate
producer with Leopard Films LLC.
Tim Tobin
(2004, Public Rela-
tions) is Marketing Coordinator for Live
Mathew G. West
Public Relations) holds a Senior Event
Management position with First Night
Boston and is also a manager for DMSE
Sports & Marketing.
Sara M. Clark
(2005, Journal-
ism & Paralegal Certifcate Program)
is a paralegal with the law frm Ciof
SlezakWildgrube P.C.
Greg Conner
(2005, Radio/TV/
Film & Advertising) is a Sales Planner
for the Outdoor Channel.
John DeLaat III
(2005, Sports
Communications) is the Programming
Content Associate at ESPN.
Caitlin Donahu
(2005, Radio/
TV/Film) is an attorney at DeMartini
& Yi.
Jessica Donnelly
Public Relations) is Media Supervisor in
Endelman’s Chicago ofce.
Brynne Gadinis
(2005, Radio/
TV/Film) is Associate Producer of Pix11
Morning News.
Kate Hanly
(2005, Radio/TV/
Film) is a Producer and Reporter of
broadcast news for WWAY Newschan-
nel 5.
Eric S Kimmel
(2005, Radio/
TV/Film) is the lead Audio Operator for
SportsNation on ESPN.
Laura Morgan
(2005, Radio/
TV/Film) is currently a teacher with
Plymouth Public Schools.
Sandra Proulx
(2005, Public
Relations) is a senior account executive
Development for the Commission on
Economic Opportunity.
April L. Gascon
(2004, Adver-
tising) is a graduate student in Public
Diplomacy at Syracuse University.
Bobbi Sue Gibbons
Public Relations) is the Assistant
Director of Alumni & Donor Programs at
Marist College.
Lauren Ann Goldfnger
(2004, Multimedia) is an East Coast
Technical Support Specialist at the law
frm Gunderson Dettmer.
Shannon Keller
(2004) is
founder of City Property Group, a real
estate company.
Chris Marchand
(2004, Radio/
TV/Film) is an Associate Producer for
Powderhouse Productions and is a
recipient of the Silver Telly Award for a
program on CNBC.
Paul Miller
(2004, Radio/TV/
Film) is Segment Producer at Meeting
House TV for VH1.
Kate Moore
(2004, Public Rela-
tions) is the Youth Market Regional
Director at the American Heart Associa-
John A. Saginario
Radio/TV/Film) is a Producer with Fox
News Channel.
Catherine Solazzo
Advertising) is the Marketing Manager
for IBM’s Northeast Territory and sits on
the National Down Syndrome Society’s
Young Leadership Board.
Ross V. Stolz
(2004, Multi-
media) is Web Content Coordinator at
Harden Furniture, Inc where he oversees
all Internet marketing.