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Fall 2009
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Amanda Schaefe
(2008, Pub-
lic Relations) is an Account Coordinator
for the Beauty/Lifestyle Division at
Coburn Communication.
Maraysa Schwart
Radio/TV/Film) is a Programming
Assistant for TV Land.
Mathew Soriano
Public Relations & Radio/TV/Film) is
a Member Services Coordinator at the
Council of Public Relations Firms.
Caitlin Tansey
Journalism) is an editorial assistant at
Bauer Publishing and writes for FIRST
Nicole Thompson
Radio/TV/Film) is an Associate Producer
for News 12 Connecticut.
Amanda Waas
(2008, Journal-
ism) is a Brand Solutions Coordinator
for Time Out New York Magazine.
Marc Sausa
(2009, Public Rela-
tions) is a Sports Publicity Assistant at
Dan Klores Communications.
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Chelsea Donnarumma
(2008, Public Relations) is a Digital &
Mobile Coordinator at RED, a division of
Sony Music Entertainment.
Taryn Fitsik
(2008, Radio/TV/
Film & Journalism) is an Associate
Producer at WTEN in Albany, NY.
Nicole Mikaelian
(2008, Ad-
vertising & Public Relations) is a Press
Coordinator at NBC Universal/Bravo.
Lauren Pavlick
(2008, Advertis-
ing) is an Account Coordinator at
DeVries Public Relations, a leading PR
agency in New York.
Overheard on Campus
What is one of your
favorite things about
being a student at Marist?
I love getting ready for the holidays with
my Marist friends, who are my family away
from home. ~ Cynthia Dagenais, junior
Life cannot be any better. I am a senior at a great college
pretty much living the life. Not everyone is experiencing
college like Marist ofers. There are resources available to
help with my future along with friends that I have met
that will last forever. ~ Patrick Massaroni, senior
That I’m not fghting for an entry-level job.
~ Joe Walsh, senior
The fall foliage! I look across the river & see
the beauty of autumn. It’s one of the best
distractions imaginable. ~ Kait Smith, senior
I love being able to use the walkway over the
Hudson located just a few minutes from campus. I
have visited the bridge twice and have really enjoyed
the views of the river. ~ Jason Migne, senior
The workload as a senior is pretty
brutal, so the only thing I look forward
to are Friday and Saturday nights.
~ Andrew Overton, senior
I love running into classmates and catch-
ing up with professors. It’s a community I
will miss dearly next year. ~Stephanie Lyon,