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Fall 2009
News & Notes
McKay Wins College Intern of the Year
Winner Meghan McKay embodies the spirit of the intern program
McKay accepts the 2009 Intern of the Year award from Assistant Director of Field Experience Desmond Murray.
or most graduat ing col lege seniors,
the most
dreaded phrase heard from potent ial employers is
“needs more experience.”
For 2009 ComAr ts graduate Meghan McKay,
that was not going to be a concern.
McKay was named Marist ’s 2009 Intern of the Year, an
award given to a graduat ing senior for outstanding achieve-
ment in experient ial educat ion, which includes internships,
co-ops and student teaching assignments.
A Dean’s List student with a double major in fashion de-
sign and Spanish, McKay par t icipated in three Manhat tan
Internships – Dolce Vita Clothing, Design Division;
Family Circle
; and SETEM, a non-prof it fashion program
in Madrid.
While it may have commanded much of her t ime, McKay
knew that internships would be a crit ical par t of her Marist
educat ion and propel her in l ife after graduat ion.
“I felt that I should take advantage of Marist ’s intern-
ship program both to enhance my resume and help me
learn more about the industry I ’m going into,” McKay
said. “These are such a great tool in terms of real-world
preparat ion.”
Lydia Biskup, internship and placement coordinator of
the Fashion program, notes that not al l students are so
focused and goal oriented.
“Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of student
interns,” Biskup said. “Meghan f igured out early how to
set herself apar t . Skil ls and lessons she has learned in her
various internships, travel abroad and her educat ion have
prepared her to excel . The fashion program was thril led
since Meghan was the f irst fashion major to win this pres-
t igious honor.”
Approximately 75 percent of al l CommAr ts students have
at least one internship. According to Gerald McNulty, di-
rector of the communicat ion internship program, Marist ’s
proximity to New York City and the city’s presence in both
the fashion and media industries, amongst others, give stu-
dents ample placement oppor tunit ies.
For McKay, interning and classes were only par t of her
busy Marist l ife. She was a concer tmaster with the Marist
Col lege orchestra, co-editor of
The Globetrot ter
, fashion
columnist for
The Circle
, and a note-taker for the Off ice of
Special Services.
That ’s a heavy load for any col lege student . But according
to assistant director of f ield experience Desmond Murray,
who presented McKay with her wel l deserved award, Megan
handled it al l with grace.
“Meghan was not your ordinary student at Marist,” said
Desmond Murray, assistant director of f ield experience.
“She is a role model .”
photo provided by Desmond Murray