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Fall 2009
News & Notes
Making it work
Four questions for Richard Kramer,
director of the Silver Needle
Fashion Show
hat was the theme of last year ’s fashion
show and what were some highl ights?
The show focused on internat ional ideas and
the concept that fashion is a global experi-
ence. In the past, fashion used to be different from country
to country. Each locat ion seemed to have its own ident ity.
Now, we are seeing more of a global connect ion through-
out the fashion world, and the show intended to demon-
strate this. The poster to promote the show displayed the
word “fashion” in numerous languages, and many of the
col lect ions represented an internat ional theme.
What is the typical workload that students in the fashion
show take on?
The work exists on many levels. The ent ire fashion pro-
gram contributes to product ion of the show. Al l classes
are represented. For last year ’s show, the freshmen were
given the responsibil ity of fabricat ing a tailored men’s shir t .
The juniors were asked to produce two garments inspired
by the photography of Lee Mil ler. She was a nat ive of
Poughkeepsie before travel ing to Paris, where she worked
as a model for Vogue before establ ishing her own pho-
tography career. The seniors have had their assignment to
design their own col lect ion since the previous May. They
have total freedom with the pieces they choose to design
over the course of a year.
Were there any stars of the fashion show last year?
A series of awards are given each year from various sponsors,
including Liz Claiborne, Cut ty Sark and others. Senior Lisa
Iannuccil l i received recognit ion for Outstanding Por t fol io,
Lindsey Pietz won Outstanding Col lect ion, and Hol ly
Rebel lo had the Outstanding Senior Garment . Students
Sophia Ar t iles, Ashley Coleman, and Jenn Nardin also won
recognit ion for their Outstanding Merchandising Project .
Can we get a preview of next years show?
The theme of this year ’s show is democracy, but not in a
pol it ical sense. Instead, it is focused on the meaning of
the word and what it means to society. We selected vari-
ous shapes and forms to express the word of the people.
Fashion is an ar t form that touches everyone. It is the only
ar t form that 99.9 percent of us are involved with everyday.
We’re involved with fashion, even when we do not intend
to be. The clothing we decide to wear on a daily basis
speaks loudly even when we ourselves are silent . The fash-
ion show intends to be a representat ion of the people that
compose our society.
Left: The winner of the Outstanding Collection award was Lindsey Pietz. Right: Nicole Siani’s designs make their way down the runway.
photos ©2009 Vinepod, Inc., by Timothy Maggio