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Winter 2011
Fashion merchandise major Danielle
Dezao, ‘12, has been working
on growing on her organiza-
tion H<3art1 this school year. The
organization provides education
for its members and followers on
the prevalence and danger of teen
relationship violence, and ofers pre-
vention strategies. Once involved
in an abusive relationship herself,
Dezao started H<3art1 as a way to
create and teach others what she
wishes she had known before her
relationship began.
This past semester has been a big
one for Dezao. She was asked to
speak at a roundtable discussion on
teen dating violence in December
Bikinis, beaches
and Brazilian
Fashion student works to
prevent teen dating violence
Professors Sonia Roy and Radley
Cramer will be heading up a trip to
Brazil in late May to teach students about
Brazil’s fashion industry. The two week
session will focus on swim and beach
wear. The stops on this trip include sites
of historical and cultural importance,
museums, the theatre, showrooms,
boutiques, department stores and trendy
neighborhoods. Students will be exposed
to many aspects of the international fash-
ion industry.
2010 at the White House. Dezao also
appeared on John Quinones’ ABC
“What Would You Do?,” show to talk
about her experiences with teen dat-
ing violence. Dezao has also been an
advocate to the local Poughkeepsie
community. She hosted “Light the
Night With Hope,” a candle-lit walk
across the Walkway Over the Hudson,
where the community, H<3art1 mem-
bers and students came together to
shine the light on dating and domestic
For the spring semester, Dezao
and the H<3art1 organization hopes
to continue to raise awareness and
participate in more events to advocate
teenage dating violence prevention.
Silver Needle
The 25th Silver Needle Fashion Show
will be held on May 6 at the Civic Center
in Poughkeepsie. On May 11 there will
be a second show in New York City. This
year’s fashion show will be honoring
Betsey Johnson.
Danielle Dezao, ‘12, talked about her experiences on John Quinones’ ABC show this year.
photo courtesy of Danielle Dezao, ‘12
photo by Michael Polito, LLC
-compiled by Leanna Brittis, ‘12, and Kelly Campbell, ‘12