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Winter 2011
Stephen Croucher
Kathleen Boyle-Labarera
prolif ic researcher, Dr. Stephen Croucher has a lot
to offer Marist College.
He received his Ph.D. from the University of
Oklahoma in 2006. Croucher chose Oklahoma because it of-
fers the best programs in Intercultural Communications.
“I’ve always wanted to teach,” Croucher said. “I did some
journalism but I didn’t like the practice of journalism, so I
went more into research and teaching.”
Croucher teaches undergraduate courses in research meth-
ods and intercultural communications. He also teaches some
graduate courses in research methods and conf lict.
He came to Marist from Bowling Green State University
after four years there, because he was drawn not only the
Hudson Valley and to New York, but also the small college
atmosphere and the vibrant study abroad program.
Croucher would like to conduct his own study abroad pro-
gram that has to do with anything concerning either Europe
or the Islamic culture.
He likes European culture so much that he wrote his dis-
sertation on the 2004 law in France that banned religious
symbols in schools and how that ban caused uproar particu-
larly among the Muslims. He spent three months studying
and researching abroad in France.
Croucher has completed two books to date and has one in
process. His most recent book, expected out in 2011, is titled
Religion and Communication: An Anthology of Extensions
in Theory, Research and Method, and is co-authored with
Tina Harris. In addition, Croucher has written three other
book chapters and more than 30 journal articles.
“I like to write,” Croucher said with a laugh.
Labarbera joined
the Marist faculty
as a full-time professor this
past fall after spending last
year as an adjunct professor.
Boyle teaches upper-level
classes for the advertising
management track, includ-
ing direct response adver-
tising, retail advertising and
promotion, and media plan-
ning. Boyle received her
undergraduate and graduate
degrees from Iona College.
Prior to Marist College,
Boyle spent more than 20
years working as a professional in advertising. She began
as director of advertising and publications at Iona College
where she worked for six years upon graduation. She later
moved on to become assistant vice president of sales promo-
tion & public relations, then marketing manager at Chemical
Bank. Boyle spent two years with Wunderman
Cato Johnson as an account supervisor working
with American Express. For nearly 10 years she
worked at Ogilvyone Worldwide, where she held a
variety of positions. Boyle’s most recent positions
prior to Marist were as a marketing analyst for
DKI, and as a media consultant for Convergence
Point Media.
While in the f ield, Boyle spent time training and
developing, and decided that these skills would
translate well to a teaching position. She believes
that advertising is becoming more of a younger per-
son’s f ield, and wanted to be a part preparing them
for it.
“Advertising is a great f ield to get into, it’s always
changing,” she said. “Students have the power to
shape how it’s going to be in the future.”
Boyle is settling well into her new role as a professor and is
grateful to be working at Marist College. “Both my colleagues
and the students are really friendly,” she said. “Everyone has
a positive attitude about learning and growing and doing the
best that they can.”