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Winter 2011
News & Notes
Jim Fahey retires after
25 years at Marist
Students and colleagues join in
to celebrate a career of service
fter 20 years at Marist College,
Professor Jim Fahey said goodbye to colleagues
and students in May 2010. Fahey was an inf luen-
tial member of the Communication Department
and his retirement was met with bittersweet farewells.
“Professor Fahey has been sorely missed,” said Dr. Steven
Ralston, dean of the School of Communications and the
Arts. “Students loved him, faculty loved him and it’s left a
big hole in the program. We’ve been f illing it, but you really
can’t f ill his shoes.”
Fahey joined the Marist faculty as a public relations profes-
sor in 1990 after 28 years with IBM, where he held several
positions including manager of communications and commu-
nity relations at IBM’s Poughkeepsie plant.
“He was the face of the PR program here at Marist,”
Ralston said. “It was under his leadership that we brought in
[many of ] the people we have now.”
Fahey was an active member of the Marist community, at-
tending functions outside of the classroom in support of his
students. Vice President and Dean for Student Affairs Deb
DiCaprio recalled that after his retirement party, Fahey even
attended Riverfest.
“He was a great teacher,” DiCaprio said.” Students really
responded to him. He was so student-centered and genuinely
enjoyed the whole college life. He was the kind of professor
you get to mix and mingle with outside the class room.”
Fahey can still be found on campus, teaching occasional
public relations classes as well as visiting former colleagues
and students.
“I miss teaching because it was one of the best jobs I’ve ever
had. I miss the interaction with the students,” Fahey said. “I
miss it, but I’m having a good time doing nothing; relaxing,
taking it easy and watching the world go by.”
photos by Robin Miniter, ‘11, and Ryan Hutton, ‘11
President Dennis Murray shares some of his favorite memories at Jim
Fahey’s Irish-themed reception.