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Winter 2011
News & Notes
Summer Film Institute in the works
High school students to study filmmaking
with Josh Robbins
his summer, a new program will be available
pre-college students through Marist, designed to
put them on the inside track to f ilm and digital
movie making.
Developed by Assistant Professor of Media Arts Josh
Robbins, the Summer Digital Movie Making Institute is a
two-week course designed to introduce students to basic digi-
tal movie making concepts. According to Robbins, it’s a way
for high school juniors and senior to not only experience life
on a college campus, but also to learn the creative and techni-
cal skills involved in digital video production.
“We think the Summer Digital Movie Making Institute
is a natural f it for Marist College’s pre-college program,”
Robbins said. “Short movie making works especially well for
this format because working in an intensive two-week period
is in fact closer to the way movies are professionally made
than the usual student production, which is often piecemeal
and must f it around the responsibilities of four other classes
and varying student schedules.”
The program is available to high school students who
want to earn transferable college credit during the summer,
as well as hone their interests in f ilmmaking. While the
three-credit course will be applicable to whatever college the
students decide to attend, those who may chose Marist will
have an added benef it as a result of the program, according
to Robbins.
“If participants do go on to become students in Marist’s
Media Arts Department, they’ ll already know some of the
faculty and will be familiar with the facilities and the equip-
ment,” he said. “Perhaps most importantly, by working in a
more professional atmosphere with faculty and staff who have
worked in the entertainment industry, students will have a
chance to learn about some of the varying positions in video
production and where their own interests and talents may lie.”
Other facets of the program are still in development by
Robbins, including possible guest speakers from the f ilm in-
dustry, as well as a cinematic-themed trip to New York City.
This will be the third summer institute to be offered by
the School of Communication and the Arts. The school of-
fers two successful summer programs in sports communica-
tion and fashion.
The program promises great benef its and student Chanel
Vitale, ‘11, a radio/TV/f ilm major, encourages any student
interested in the f ield to take part.
“The f ield is very time consuming,” Vitale said, “but if
you are interested in movie production then students should
def initely take advantage of this opportunity.”