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Winter 2011
News & Notes
CommArts students win major intern awards
Winner Amanda LaMela excels with coast-to-coast experience
Amanda LaMela accepts the 2010 Intern of the Year award from Assistant Director of Field Experience Desmond Murray.
Major League Baseball. MTV. WNBC
Channel 4 News. What do these four compa-
nies all have in common? Each hired an intern
that was named a Marist College Intern of the
Eight Marist students were recognized on Thursday, April
22 at the 20th annual Field Experience Luncheon hosted
by the Center for Career Services. One student received
Marist College’s overall Intern of the Year award. Seven stu-
dents from Marist’s six schools were named their respective
school ’s Intern of the Year. An impressive four of those eight
recipients graduated in May with a major or minor in the
School of Communication and the Arts.
Dr. Steven Ralston, dean of the School of Communication
and the Arts, said that the school strives to provide its stu-
dents with internship opportunities that give students f irst-
hand experience in their f ield of study and an upper hand
after graduation.
“The knowledge gleaned from having participated in an
internship can be an invaluable part in assisting students ob-
tain employment after graduation and to gain acceptance into
prestigious graduate programs,” Ralston said. “Our Art and
Art History, Communication, and Fashion programs have
dedicated internship directors who assist our students to se-
cure internships, and we offer specialized courses to assist
students to prepare for internships.”
Amanda LaMela, ‘10, was honored as the 2010 Marist
College Intern of the Year. As a Fashion Merchandising
major with a dual minor in Public Relations and Business
Administration, LaMela entered her f irst year of college ea-
ger to explore her career opportunities. She says she began
pursuing internship opportunities early in her freshman year.
“While Marist’s beautiful stone library and rolling green
hills were persuasive factors in my decision-making process,
hopeful visions of promising fashion internships were my ma-
jor drivers to this college,” LaMela said.
LaMela paired her hopefulness with determination and
completed three internships during her college career. She
interned at W Magazine and Gucci America in New York
and last summer LaMela moved to San Francisco to intern
for DFS Group.
LaMela’s internship with DFS differed from her previous
experiences in that she was forced out of her comfort zone
as an assistant with clearly def ined tasks and into a position
with less structure and more responsibilities.
“At DFS, the interns had to work as a team to accomplish
photos provided by Desmond Murray