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Winter 2011
News & Notes
Sustainability activities
bring the campus together
CommArts students and faculty
set a strong example
arist College students
are a little different
than other undergraduates. They are known
for taking the initiative and making things
happen; proof of this occurred Thursday,
April 15, 2010. This date marked Marist College’s fourth
year of involvement in Sustainability Day. It also marked the
f irst time Steve Sansola, associate dean for student affairs,
would have his intern, Melissa Greco, ‘10, planning a large
chunk of the event.
“It was def initely a huge undertaking, and I was exhausted
by the time Sustainability Day was over, but it was absolutely
worth it,” Greco, a communication major, said.
Sustainability Day is dedicated to education and awareness
about our current environmental state. There were faculty and
student panels, f ilms, keynote speakers, and other activities.
Greco’s job description included coordinating the edu-
cational displays that lined Marist’s student center hallway.
And it didn’t stop there.
“I networked with local companies, such as IBM,
MetroPool and Clean Air NY, as well as on-campus organiza-
tions, such as the Sustainability House, GREEN Committee,
SEED and Fashionology,” Greco said. ”I also organized the
Clothing Swap by collaborating with Fashion Inc. President
Andrew Ludington, ‘11, who is also a communication major.”
Radio/TV/Film student Liz Horowitz, ‘10, also contrib-
uted by creating a PSA that aired prior to the event.
Greco has felt strongly about sustainable living since tak-
ing a class on ethics here at Marist.
“I only want to make a difference and increase the longevity
of our earth, whether it’s by raising awareness in others or by
taking the necessary steps in my own daily habits to improve
the overall quality of life on this planet,” Greco said.
Although she spent countless hours planning her portion
of the event, she credits Sansola with doing the most work.
“Without him nothing could have been accomplished,”
Greco said.
Along with Sansola, Dr. Paula Willoquet-Maricondi,
chair of the Media Arts Department, served as co-chair of
the Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee.
“I wanted to become involved because I feel the environ-
mental challenges facing us are of unprecedented propor-
tions,” Willoquet-Maricondi said. “As a college, we must pre-
pare and support the next generations to help us meet these
The turnout for the event was good, and Willoquet-
Maricondi said she was pleased to see more than 100 stu-
dents attend the keynote talk by Dr. William H. Schlesinger,
president of the Cary Institute for Ecosystem Studies, but she
would like to see more student involvement.
“Personally, I would like to see the students leading the
way and making it clear to the faculty and the college as a
whole that environmental health and sustainability matters
to them,” Willoquet-Maricondi said. “Students are investing
in their own futures.”
As for Greco, she has taken the initiative and fully im-
mersed herself in sustainability, showing that hard work and
determination are exactly what Marist students are made of.
“Marist College has provided me with a wonderful outlet
and audience for this sustainability campaign,” Greco said.
“My only hope is that I can f ind another outlet in the future
that will be equally as gratifying.”
photo courtesy of CSAC