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Winter 2011
Marist radio expands its reach
WMAR encourages involvement,
building for a brighter future
ffering opportunities to students
within the
communication major and other courses of
study alike, WMAR Marist Radio encourages
involvement from the beginning of a student’s
collegiate career. Participants get the opportunity to host
their own two-hour radio show.
The station is based in the Student Center, a central point
of socialization on the Marist campus. It broadcasts live over
the internet 24/7, with live in-studio broadcasting 16 hours
per day. The feed, available at, is
easily accessed by programs such as iTunes and RealPlayer
and available worldwide.
“We’ve done concerts, benef its, programs, you name it,”
Matt Esposito, ’11, WMAR president said. “This spring, as
always, we’re coordinating a yearly band showcase. People re-
ally get experience in not only planning their own individual
shows, which is valuable itself, but planning and orchestrat-
ing events, which helps you in any f ield.”
The student radio station gives over 150 students each se-
mester the opportunity to not only host their own shows, but
learn how to produce and edit content.
WMAR is involved in concert planning at Marist as well.
The station has co-sponsored concerts and coordinates a
yearly band showcase every spring.
Floor plans are in place to construct a recording studio, add-
ing on to current studio space. It will allow student bands and
local bands to record music on and off the air.
WMAR Sports, once its own entity on a separate internet
feed, was absorbed into the main WMAR feed into 2008. At
that point, Dan Kopf, ‘11, took over as sports director for the
“It hasn’t hurt us,” Kopf said. “From that point, we’ve called
every home football game, essentially every home basketball
game, and a huge amount of home baseball games.
“Not only that but starting late last semester, for the f irst
time in many years, WMAR started going on the road to call
away basketball games.”
On Feb. 27, WMAR went on the road again, calling a
Marist men’s basketball game at the Times Union Center
against Siena. WMAR and MCTV alike both travel to the
MAAC basketball tournament every year for remote cover-
age; MCTV does highlight packages, while WMAR puts out
live broadcasts of each Marist game.
“The experience that you get in both radio and television at
Marist is outstanding,” Kopf said, “and more people should
be taking advantage of it. It’s not easy to get the reps that we
give broadcasters, producers, or any kind of communications
talent outside of Marist.”
Zak Lansing, ‘11, and George Harris, ‘11, are two of the students who regularly host their own radio show. The two enjoy a great on-air rapport.
photos by Chanel Vitale, ‘12