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Winter 2011
Marist students study and work in NYC
Marist in Manhattan program creates new opportunities
ne opportunity that
college offers students is
the chance to earn an internship, to try out
their talents in a career path they hope one day
to pursue. For decades, Marist students have
been able to commute to New York City for internships with
many of the biggest media and fashion companies in the
world. Now, the School of Communication and the Arts has
developed a new program that puts Marist students right into
the heart of the Big Apple
Dubbed Marist in Manhattan, the program, launched in
Spring 2011, is an immersion in big city life and profesion-
al internships. Supplemented by special online courses, the
competitive program will offer a handful of students a unique
opportunity to experience what the city has to offer without
sacrif icing time off of school.
The students will be setup with an internship in their f ield/
concentration, and be housed at the DeHirsch Residence of
the 92nd Street Y. Each student will be taking between six
and nine credits of internship (three to four days a week) and
take one to two classes online, totaling about 12 credits for
the semester.
The Communication Internship Program Directors Gerald
McNulty and Deborah Porter both agreed that the entire
program is meant to prepare the students for their future and
give them a taste of what is to come.
The Marist in Manhattan program grew out of a previous
program: The New York Media Experience. In the fall of
2003, Marist wanted to open up the opportunities the com-
munication program, which began in the 1970s, had to offer
to the students at other colleges and universities. The New
York Media Experience was open to any communication stu-
dent from a different college, to be able to experience New
York City and the lifestyle it entails. As Marist saw how suc-
cessful this program became, SCA wanted to explore a simi-
lar program for its own students.
“This program will help with the challenges of getting an
internship, living alone and provide each student with coun-
seling and advice of how to market themselves, and provide
them with intern dinners and social communication events,”
McNulty said.
This spring of 2011 will mark the f irst semester of Marist
in Manhattan, starting with f ive students from communica-
tion and the arts—three from communication and two from
fashion—who will get an opportunity they wouldn’t receive
at home or in Poughkeepsie. “I am guessing the number of
students will double a year from now. Students must discover
[the program] as an option, and integrate it into their four
year plan,” McNulty said.
Students need to recognize the opportunity this program
holds for them, and take advantage of it, because once col-
lege is over, the chance to experience an internship before the
stresses of a career are over after graduation.
“It’s a competitive employment market, where the students
taking these opportunities are distinguishing themselves
from the other competitive students, where they will get of-
fers more so than an average student,” Porter said.
photo by Jennifer Powell and courtesy of Jennifer Abbey, ‘12