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Winter 2011
Marist students
travel abroad
Two juniors share thoughts on their
European experience
ention the words “study abroad” and it is almost
guaranteed the phrase “life changing experience” will
At Marist College, a great deal of emphasis is put on the
opportunity for students to study abroad. The chance to re-
ceive an education in a foreign country is an experience many
students often find they don’t want to miss.
“Studying abroad is pretty important to me,” said Jackie
Brophy,’12. “Everyone tells me it is going to be ‘ life-chang-
ing’ so I’m excited to see how that works out.”
Brophy is one of the many fashion merchandising majors
who is studied abroad last fall. Brophy is spending the first
semester of her junior year in the historic fashion capital of
“I am excited to get to study in London,” said Brophy. “I
like that I will be able to have many new experiences with
people I go to school with here at Marist.”
For 45 years, the Marist International Program has of-
fered students the opportunity to travel and study overseas.
Through the Marist International Program, students can
study a wide range of courses on any of the six different
The fashion program at Marist is just one of the many
courses a student can choose to study when abroad. For
fashion majors, London and Italy are the two most popular
locations to study in.
“I chose London because I wanted to get an international
internship experience,” said Brophy. “I feel that interning
will give me an advantage over the other job seekers in my
In certain programs of study, students can not only take
classes abroad but also hold an internship. The ability to
participate in an internship is just another opportunity for
students to become knowledgeable in their field of study.
According to Brophy, interning while abroad is not only
helpful for gaining work experience but an insightful source
to her field of study.
“Interning will give me an idea of what the fashion indus-
try is like outside of the U.S.,” said Brophy. “It will help me
when looking for jobs in the future.”
Brophy is also taking full advantage of her time in Europe
and experiencing other places and cultures.
“I really want to travel as much as I can,” said Brophy. “I
am most looking forward to visiting Italy and Greece.”
For Brophy, studying abroad was not an easy decision.
However, the opportunities offered by the Marist Interna-
tional Program helped make the decision a little bit easier.
“I am sad I won’t be able to be here for my sister’s first
semester at Marist -- she started as a freshman last fall -- but
I know I would not want to miss out on the amazing oppor-
tunity to spend the semester in Europe.”
or many Marist students, the decision to go abroad can
be diff icult, as it requires a great deal of commitment to
be away from home for an extended period of time.
For Mike Aurigemma, ‘12, however, the decision came
“I’ve always wanted to travel to Europe, and studying
abroad really is an opportunity that really only comes along
once in a lifetime,” said Aurigemma.
Aurigemma, a Spanish and communications major, made
the trip during the 2009 fall semester, and still gets goose
bumps whenever he thinks about it.
“I realized how much I loved traveling once I got there, and
the experience is still with me every day,” said Aurigemma.
He spent the full 15-week semester attending the University
of Madrid, along with hundreds of other American college
From left: Jackie Brophy has enjoyed many of the sights aroun
spots like The London Eye. Mike Aurigemma also traveled a gr
of destinations all across the continent, not just in his home cit