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Winter 2011
Professor does faculty exchange in Florence
Dr. Cochece Davis teaches students about intercultural
hen a student studies abroad
, it can be
one of the most rewarding experiences he
or she has ever had. The same holds true
when a professor is lucky enough to share
the same experience.
During the spring 2010 semester, Dr. Daniel Cochece
Davis, communication assistant professor, participated in a
faculty exchange program at Lorenzo de’ Medici in Florence,
Italy. While a professor from LdM taught at Marist, Davis
taught two courses in Italy.
Davis, who taught classes in intercultural communication
as well as persuasion, took full advantage of Florence to as-
sist the teaching and learning process.
“The city offered a wonderful laboratory for the students
to observe, analyze, and apply what they’ve been learning in
class,” Davis said.
For his persuasion class, Davis had students observe the
culture of Florence and the people living there.
“The city is f illed with examples of people using various
persuasive techniques,” Davis said. “Gypsies, vendors, gelato
shops, etc.”
He also used the students’ own experiences to help teach
his intercultural communication course. Since the students
were seeing and using intercultural communication on a daily
basis in the foreign country, they were able to understand the
topics on a more personal level.
“Teaching the intercultural communication course at LdM
has really been helpful to understanding some of the nuances
of sojourning students’ experiences going through ‘culture
shock,’” Davis said.
He said he likes to incorporate students’ own stories into
the class curriculum because “it helps bring the course con-
cepts to life.”
The students benef itted from Davis’s hands-on teaching
The city of Florence, Italy, provided an ideal
backdrop for Dr. Cochece Davis to provide American students studying at
Lorenzo de’ Medici with opportunities to learn about intercultural communication.