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Winter 2011
style. Jamie Spinelli, ‘11,took and enjoyed both of Davis’s
classes at LdM.
“I have to say that I have learned the most in those two
classes this semester,” Spinelli said. “Our class discussions
were always applicable to real life and I think that’s what
made it the most rewarding for me.”
Vanessa Rannazzisi, ‘12, said that she has loved having
Davis as a professor during her semester abroad.
“He really makes you think,” Rannazzisi said. “He allows
for you to really open your eyes and expand your mind for
what you’re learning.”
In addition to teaching the two courses at the LdM cam-
pus, Davis also taught an experimental course in advanced
communication and culture, developed in collaboration with
Marist students who have previously studied abroad. During
this semester, students enrolled in the course have been
taking it online, discussing the cultures of Australia, New
Zealand and Samoa. On May 30, fourteen of those students
will travel abroad to those countries they studied during the
regular semester.
During the spring 2011 semester, Davis will be offering an
intercultural communication attachment course that will al-
low students to travel to Italy and Greece to study these same
issue and concepts. Cities on the docket include Florence,
Venice, Pisa, Rome, Athens, Irini, Vikotira and Aegina.
Eventually, it may not just be current Marist students that
get to enjoy this multi-dimensional experience.
“Long-term,” Davis said, ”I would love to see more Marist
alumni involved in these programs.”
It seems as though Davis has been bitten by the travel bug
and the students are reaping the educational rewards.
“He’s an overall quirky but fabulously intelligent man that
expects your best,” Spinelli said.
photos by Robin Miniter, ‘11, and court
esy of Cochece Davis
In particular, Davis focused on teaching the students how macro-level cultural issues, like economics, religion or tech-
nology, infuence communication andmicro-level activities, such as food, romance, schooling, dating and child-rearing.