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Winter 2011
From Poughkeepsie to Bristol
Alums Craig O’Brien, ‘05, Eric Kimmel, ‘05, and John DeNatt,
‘05, sat down with David Mielach, ‘11, to talk sports journalism
and their transition from Marist to ESPN
Q: Can you start with some background
information on yourself and what factors
led you to choose Marist College in the
frst place?
JD: I’m from northern New Jersey and
I graduated from Marist with a degree
majoring in communication, concentrat-
ing in sports communication and minor-
ing at theater. As for why I chose Marist,
I knew clubs would be important part of
my college experience.
CB: I’m from Walpole, M.A. and I was
a Communication major while at Marist
focusing on Radio, TV, and Film. I
looked at other schools such as Syracuse,
Fordham, and Ithaca, but for me the com-
bination of size and atmosphere at Marist
was the real selling point.
EK: In my high school and my area
of Pennsylvania, Marist was not that
well known. After I visited the cam-
pus and read about the great opportuni-
ties that Marist ofered I knew it would
be a good ft. From day one I knew that
Communications was the major for me.
I concentrated in Radio, TV, and Film
while at Marist.
Q: What is your job at ESPN? What are
some of your responsibilities?
JD: At ESPN my ofcial title is a pro-
gramming content scheduler. I work
in the scheduling department where I
screen all shows and games before airing.
Essentially what that means is that I go
through 16 domestic and international
networks and determine the schedule of
games and shows. I also retouch game
re-airs so they will ft into a window for
scheduling purposes. Originally I start-
ed out as a screener in January of 2006.
CB: I have been working as a content edi-
tor at ESPN for the past fve years. I am
mostly responsible for putting together
highlights and working with the sound
on many of the highlights for the vari-
ous shows such as Mike and Mike in the
Morning. Pretty much I am responsible
for putting together the highlights that
you will see when watching some of the
shows on ESPN.
EK: I am an audio editor at ESPN, so
I am responsible for all the sounds, mu-
sic and microphone levels. I work on a
variety of shows including Sportscenter,
Sportsnation and Baseball Tonight. On
those shows I balance the levels of all
these sounds and make sure that the
sound efects from the game are in a good
and balanced level.
Q: What things did Marist teach you in
order to prepare you for your experiences
at outside college and now at ESPN?
JD: One thing I take with me to this
day is the way that you always need to
be ready for the ever changing nature of
the industry. One football game when
Marist was playing I think St. Johns at
the old stadium is coming to mind as
I say this. We were on the roof where
the student press area was and it started
to downpour so I was left calling a mud
bowl. You learn to plan around things
like that and today at ESPN you have to
have the same idea when a deal doesn’t go
through or an event runs long fexibility
is important.
CB: For the most part I would say that I
learned that hard work really is rewarded.
When I was at Marist I put in a lot of
hard work at MCTV and we were named
club of the year. Te hard work defnitely
paid of for me at Marist especially when
I was doing things that were personally
rewarding. I feel like I made many things
that may have looked good, but in the
end it was important to make things that
made me feel good as well. Tis holds
true at ESPN as well where hard work is
truly rewarded.
EK: At Marist it was very student ori-
ented meaning that it was up to you to
troubleshoot and fgure out what hap-
pened. I remember this happening with
MCTV a few times where it was up to
you to run everything and cover all the
bases. Tis really translated to me at
ESPN because in a way when I started it
was like going back to being a student. At
Marist I almost felt like a teacher when it
came to things about the TV studio, but
at ESPN I realized I only had a little bit
of knowledge. Without having to do all
those things on my own at Marist though
I think I would have been further behind
in that process.
Q: What was your welcome to ESPN
JD: One moment that really sticks out to
me from the job happened a few years ago
when the Patriots were playing the Jets
on a Tursday night game. I was working
late and in the cafeteria ordering dinner
when Lomas Brown and Ray Buchanan