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Winter 2011
were also ordering. While we were wait-
ing the game was on and I happened to
call out a play which turned out to be
exactly what happened and both of them
were impressed by it. Tose moments are
unique here, but after a while you kind of
become immune to seeing the faces at the
job since you focus on your job more.
CB: When you see a highlight make the
cut for Sportscenter and your hard work
is recognized is still a feeling that’s great
to me. When your frst big project makes
the cut and is the lead highlight on a
show like Sportscenter it makes you feel
like your work is halfway decent. When
your work is recognized on air for all peo-
ple to see it’s still impressive.
EK: My welcome really came about a
year after I was working there. One of the
shows I work on the College Football f-
nal show on Saturdays and knowing that
six to seven million people are watching
is a pretty eye opening experience. I real-
ized that I am an integral part of produc-
tion to the point that I don’t want people
to see a mistake I make. If there is no
mistake I know I did my job correctly.
Q: What is the thing you miss most about
Marist now that you are gone?
JD: Everything. I loved my time there
and if I had to say one thing I miss the
most it is the camaraderie that I had with
the other people in the sports community
especially with the media, athletes and
coaches. Whether it was waking up early
to do crew call or another sport it was
nice to work with something from scratch
since I mainly see only the fnished prod-
ucts now. Te friendships I have today
with the other guys at ESPN are based at
the football feld or the McCann center.
CB: Without a doubt I miss the people
you encounter the most. Aside from that
I really miss the personal satisfaction that
came with achievements in classes and
clubs such as MCTV. Contributing to
the school in a way that made your con-
tribution feel appreciated was one of the
best parts of Marist for me. Lastly I re-
ally miss the environment that the school
provided where a person felt like they
were contributing to the overall mood of
the school.
EK: I miss the tight knot nature of the
campus most without a doubt. Working
with everyone from Bob Lynch to people
in athletics and everyone in between you
get to know pretty much everyone on
campus. When I come back to school it
is still seeing the people around the cam-
pus that makes me realize how much I
miss the school.
Q: What advice do you have for current
students at Marist to help them achieve
what it is that they want to do in their
JD: Find what you love to do and do it.
Once you make up your mind as to what
you want to do dive in and try to gain as
much experience as possible in it. I prom-
ise you will be much happier doing some-
thing you love than anything else.
CB: It pays of to work hard. Put in
110% and do as much as possible while
you can. Te internship program is really
second to none so take advantage. One
last thing I’ ll leave you with is something
that fellow alum J.W. Stewart told me
when I met him at school. Write as much
as possible take as many writing classes
as possible it will help you down the road.
EK: Try out everything and do a lot of
diferent things. Take advantage of the
ability to use all the hands-on technolo-
gies provided to you. If you want some-
thing push for it and get in someone’s face
to ask them about it. If you let people
know you want to do things you really
don’t know where it can take you.