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Winter 2011
Michael Iantosca
was recently promoted to
Program Corporate Staf
for IBM Information De-
Theresa Swierzowski
(1984) is the Director
of Tourism and Commu-
nications and Vice Presi-
dent of the Fulton County
Regional Chamber of
Commerce and Industry.
Carla Campbell Philip-
(1986) is the manager
of the Advanced Services
Department at The Phoe-
nix Companies.
Dave Margaloti
(1986) is
the program and opera-
tions manager for WVNJ
1160 AM and a music
consultant for Slacker
Personal Radio.
Mike Masterson
(1986) is
the director of sales and
marketing at The Rit
Carlton- Kapalua.
John McGuinness
is the Senior Vice Presi-
dent and General Sales
Manager for the Mid
Atlantic Sports Network.
Mary McCooey- Cliford
(1986) is the Senior Direc-
tor of Human Resources at
Standard and Poor’s.
James Fedigan
(1987) is
a Production Electrician
who has worked on over
70 Broadway shows and
television specials includ-
ing The Grammy Awards,
Tony Awards and Emmy
Ron Marz
(1987) is a
freelance writer of comic
books for Marvel, DC,
Dark Horse and Image.
Linda Jager-Smith
is the Communications
Director for the US Speed
skating team and served
as Press Ofcer for the US
Short Track Speed skating
team the 2010 Vancouver
Joseph Madden
(1988) is
the Vice President of The
US Business Public Rela-
tions for MetLife.
Christine Blaine Petrillo
(1988) was recently pro-
moted to the position of
Vice President of Branded
Entertainment at Alloy
Media and Marketing.
Michael Kinane
(1989) is
the Assistant to the Presi-
dent for Advancement
at SUNY College at Old
Donna Bailey
(1990) is a
business leader at Visa.
Chris Andrews
(1992) is
a manager of communica-
tions at IBM.
E Jefery Dolfnger
is the owner of 24/7 Realty
Eric Gehnrich
(1992) is the
VP of Sales and Partner-
ships for 1800-Flowers.
Michael O’ Farrell
is the Director of Public
Relations for the Lawrence
and Memorial Hospital.
C.J. Botita
(1993) is the
Manager of Operations
and Creative Services at
the MLB Network.
Jennifer DeFelice
is the Artistic Director for
the Broadway Bound Per-
forming Arts Center.
J.W. Stewart
(1993) is an
anchor at ESPN.
Jim Trupiano
(1993) is the
Director of Financial Ap-
plications for The South-
ern Company.
Roger Hancock
(1994) is a
police ofcer in the City of
James Patrick Burke
(1995) is the President and
Founder of JPB Marketing
Kevin O’Neill
(1995) is
the lead Team Web and
Portal Solutions manager
for the K&L Gates Com-
Lisa Pfenning
(1995) is the
brand director for Stoli-
chnaya Vodka.
Scot Signore
(1995) is the
Principle and CEO of Mat-
ter Communications.
Michael Pappagallo
is the Senior Production
Manager of e-Dialog Inc.
Alumni Updates
Kimberly Byda Sullivan
(1997) is an Event Sales
Manager for Jillian’s
Lucky Strike.
Elizabeth McGreezy Her-
(1997) is the assistant
recreation director for
Sacred heart University.
Jason O’Leary
(1997) is a
freelance executive pro-
Daryl Richard
(1997)- is
the National Vice Presi-
dent of Public Relations
for United Healthcare.
Tania Sones Gojdycz
(1997) is the sole propri-
etor of Tania Sones Pho-
Anastasia Spera
(1997) is
the Contract Administra-
tor for Proctor and Gam-
ble and Gillete.
Fernada Amorim Leven-
(1998) is a freelance
interpreter and translator.
Kenneth Menard
(1998) is
a producer at ESPN.
Kerry Peterson
(1998) is
the Marketing Supervi-
sor of Organizations for
the Project Management
Jeanete Deskiewicz
(1999) is the Account
Executive for Maryland
Coast Dispatch Inc.
Colleen Learch McCull-
(1999) is the Vice
President for Edge Re-