Page 53 - foxtalk issue 2

SEO Version

Winter 2011
Gina DeDominici (’97)
is a graphic designer by trade and owns her own design
company, Gina DeDominici Graphic Design, which can be found on the web at
Her services include identity and brand development, invitation and stationary design, website graphics
and more.
How would you describe your time at Marist?
I was a Communication major specializing in Radio/TV/Film. I very much enjoyed my time at Marist. In
fact, there are times I wish I was back there again! The friends I made during that time are still some of
the most important people in my life.
What was the inspiration to start your business?
The inspiration behind starting my own business was simply the need to be and
stay creative. I find that having my own business affords me the opportunity to
pick and choose which projects I work on and when I work on them.
What skills did Marist give you to succeed in starting your own business?
Not sure if they’re “skills” per se, but Marist provided me with a creative outlet.
I was allowed to express myself artistically (whether I was filming a commercial
for a TV production class or improvising on stage with the HuMarists) and be
recognized positively for it.
What advice do you have for
current students?
Network, network, network. It’s
one of the BEST ways to get to
where you want to be.
Jennifer Berger Mata-
(2000) is the Senior
Editor of Everyday Health
Heather Russell Dilta
(2000) is the Senior Mar-
keting Manager for the
Allstar Marketing Group.
Dave Spinato
(2000) is
the Manager of Digital
Enhancement for PepsiCo.
Rob Adamski
(2001) is
an Associate Producer for
ESPN’s Monday Night
Angela Chillemi Peluso
(2001) is a freelance talent
Amanda Coyle Kelly
(2001) is the Family
director for the YMCA of
Greater Syracuse.
Patrick Spence
(2001) is a
Writer and Producer for
WJLA-TV in Washington
Christy Yaccarino Barr
(2001) is the Administra-
tor of Health and Well-
ness Plans for the Camp-
bell Soup Company.
Douglas Guarino
is the Associate Editor
for Inside Washington
Michael Maloney
is the Management Su-
pervisor for Ogilvy One
Jonelle Santo Formato
(2002) is a teacher in the
Newburgh City School
Eric Welsh
(2002) is the
Senior Digital Strategist
for Bayada Home Health
Christina Hope
is an Email Analyst for
Michael McBride
is a broadcast engineer for
Rebecca Moy
(2003) is an
Editor for Dara Interna-
Mathew Pennacchio
(2003) is a Senior Account
Supervisor for Ruder Finn
Public Relations.
Allison Freeney Price
(2003) was promoted to
Pre – Production Manager
of Kids at Sears Holdings
Corporation & Kmart.
Christopher Price
fnished his MBA in
Healthcare Management
from Capella University.
Patrick and Jamie
(2003) welcomed
a daughter Taryn Elizabeth
Robitaille on 10/29/10.
Edward Williams III
(2003) is the News desk
Producer for NBCSports.
ChristieLyn Diller
is the Director of Com-
munications for Planned
Parenthood of Maryland.
Paul Miller
(2004) is a
Television Producer for
MetingHouse Produc-
tions Inc.
Scot Montesano
is the play-by-play an-
nouncer for a minor
league baseball team in
Eau Claire,WI and a mi-
nor league hockey team in
Des Moines, IA.