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Winter 2011
Kelly Reilly (’09)
graduated from Marist with a concentration in Radio, TV, Film and a
minor in psychology. She currently works for Live! With Regis and Kelly.
What was your experience in gearing up to graduate like? How did you prepare?
I had been interning throughout my junior and senior years. My last [internship] was with CNN
Showbiz Tonight, and I went on an interview with CNN for a freelancing PA position, but with the dive
in the economy there was a backlog. So, I went on the internet and looked for a job position and I actually
looked on craigslist. I set a goal one I graduated to apply for five jobs a day.
Did you have much luck with the job hunt?
I actually found my job on Craigslist. I applied for it in June, had an interview in July and started in the
beginning of August. I work for Studio City, a promotions company that does 30 second teasers. I was
hired for Wendy Williams for the first four months and now I’m with Live! With Regis & Kelly.
What does your position entail?
I’m the right hand gal. I find footage, contact people to get the proper footage, information as to what they’re
coming on for, and gather any bumper footage. I work with the creative director to produce scripts. I’m
always working to make sure everything is organized, constantly contacting people, checking up on people.
I sign off on all clip request forms for the show. I work with the website for getting the headshots or use
existing headshots for online guest logs.
That sounds like a ton of work! What’s your average day like?
I’m up by 5 a.m. and I get into work by 6:30 a.m. to receive promo tapes by LA. I make sure there are no
errors, no glitches; I’m the last filter. At 8:47 a.m. I watch the feed out. We go live at 9 a.m. and I log good
moments. Then I spend some time catching up on work. We then have a staff meeting to brainstorm and
that can last from 30 minutes to two and half hours. The hours can be kind of tough, but the days go by
fast because I’m constantly doing something.
What advice would you give to a Marist stu-
dent about to graduate?
There’s so much available at college that you
can take advantage of. I really got involved with
the TV station. They have crazy technology that
no one was using. Interning is so important to
see how to work in a professional environment.
Internships really shaped where I wanted to go.
Hearing no is OK. Take that for what it’s worth
and keep putting yourself out there. There are a
lot of opportunities but you just have to research,
take your time and really get to know the com-
pany you’re applying for. And always follow up
with a thank you note! Thank you notes are a
huge gesture.
Laura Coppola
(2006) is
the Audience Coordina-
tor for the Martha Stewart
Jessica Foley
(2006) is
Stewardship Coordinator
for Tufts Medical Center
and Floating Hospital for
Jennifer Stryker
(2006) is
is the New Business
and Events Manager for
March Communications.
John DeNat III
(2005) is
a Programming Screening
Scheduler for ESPN.
Mike DeMarino
(2005) is
a Sales Manager for the
New York Jets.
Bridget O’Brien
(2004) is
the Special Events Man-
ager for the Children’s
Center Foundation (CCF)
at the Mount Sinai Medi-
cal Center.
John Saginario
(2004) is
an Associate Producer for
Fox News Channel.
Elizabeth Swenton
an Associate Producer for
the Dr. Oz Show.
Todd Bivona
(2007) is a
TV and Digital Producer
for the MLB Network.
QVC, Time Warner and
Ryan Cowdrey
(2007) is
the Founder and president
for 4 Media Creative Solu-
Kaitlyn Fuoco
(2007) is
an Assistant Producer for
Chris Jennings
(2007) is
the Ad Operations Coordi-
nator for Revision 3.
Kelly LaBarre Glynn
(2007) is the Events Coor-
dinator for Easter Seals
Capital Region.
Dorothea Larrabee
is an Associate Editor for
Popstar! Magazine.
Heather Liebal
(2007) is
an Account Manager for
Jason Thalacker
(2007) is
an Education Volunteer
for The United States
Peace Corps.
Laura Zanzal
(2007) is a
Community Manager for
Wendy Baron
(2008) is an
Operations Technician for
Andrew Bati
(2008) is a
Production Assistant for