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Winter 2011
MLB Network.
Shannon Burns
(2008) is a Sales As-
sistant for Fox Station Sales.
Taryn Fitsik
(2008) is a Reporter for
WTEN-TV in Albany NY.
Mat Sacco
(2008) is an Assistant
Program Coordinator for The George
Washington University.
Maraysa Schwart
(2008) is the TV
Land Program Administration Coor-
Alex Smith
(2008) is the Associated
Account Executive for Rubenstein
Associates Inc.
Eric Zedalis
(2008) is a Communica-
tion Specialist for Goldey-Beacon
Erica Pires
(2009) appeared on the
Price is Right on November 3, 2010.
Jessica Tougas
(2009) is a Medical
Oncology Clinic Ofce Coordinator
for Columbia St. Marys Hospital.
Michael Veneziano
(2009) is a Stats
Associate for ESPN.
Richard Arleo
(2010) is a Sports
Writer for
Kathryn Budzinski
(2010) is an As-
sistant Director for Marist College.
Allison Dufy
(2010) is a Project
Assistant Editor for Major League
Riley Eckert
(2010) is an Assistant
Buyer for Summit Entertainment.
Kate Fox
(2010) is the Assistant
Women’s Soccer Coach at Assump-
tion College.
Melissa Greco
(2010) is the Market-
ing Manager for IBM’s New York
Area Software Group.
Jacqueline Kelly
(2010) is the Com-
munity Director for the Morris
County March of Dimes.
Patrick Massaroni
(2010) is a Gradu-
ate Assistant with the Men’s Bas-
ketball Program at James Madison
Bryan Nelson
(2010) is the Produc-
tion Coordinator for Aggressive
Alison Novak
(2010) is a Teaching
Assistant at Drexel University.
Gina Pernicano
(2010) is a Sports
Reporter for The Journal News.
Justin Santore
(2010) is an Ofce
Administrator for Fusion Media Inc.
Jillian Scangas
(2010) is a Produc-
tion Assistant for New England
Sports Network.
Megan Shannon
(2010) is an Execu-
tive Assistant to the Publisher at
New York Magazine.
Kait Smith
(2010) is the Health
Editorial Assistant for Bauer Pub-
Michael Steier
(2010) is an Account
Assistant for Whalers Sports and
Colin Walker
(2010) is a Graduate
Teaching Assistant at Central Michi-
gan University.
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